Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My New Office

Whoopie! This morning I got to go to the site of our new office, located in a modern 10-story building only about 3 miles from my house.
We met with our designer to pick out carpeting, wall colors and furniture.
I've never had an office where someone else's ass didn't already leave its imprint on the chair and where nobody has had their grubby fingers all over the PC keyboard.
This job is turning out to be like a brand new lover--exciting, mysterious, polite, passionate, generous, thoughtful and fun.
I think I even get to make up my own version of "business attire," which for me would involve a nice shirt, maybe a colorful jacket, jeans and Rocket Dogs or other comfy shoes.
Now, if I can just get them to install a nice napping couch in my office, I'll be all set.


Anonymous said...

That pic looks like Cheney's office.

bigsis said...

And so close to home you could almost ride a bike or the bus to work.

karenzipdrive said...

LOL! As if...

FranIAm said...

The napping couch is essential!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Fran, I think I might bring in three oversized decorative pillows, throw them on the floor and call them my meditation center.
Here's my mantra: