Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dig This Bullshit!

Note that the proud new daddy is not holding 'his' baby.

Hrumph. Now my Big Sis is on the research trail and has uncovered this story that simply defies all reason.
Sit down, get yourself a beverage and get ready to laugh your ever lovin' butt off.

It seems Sarah Palin was at a Governor's Forum on Energy in Austin, Texas on April 17 when "her water broke."
((Kindly suspend your suspicions about allowing a woman that advanced in pregnancy to fly for 12 hours from Alaska to Texas.))
After "her water broke" she remained at the conference so she could deliver her 30 minute speech.
((One can only assume she had a quick change of dry clothes with her at the conference.))
After her speech, fully in labor, she jumped on Alaska Airlines back to Anchorage in order to deliver her baby on Alaskan soil. Trouble is, that flight from Austin to Anchorage first stops in Phoenix, then there's a layover, then on to Anchorage, totaling more than 12 hours.
And all this was while she was in labor.
((And after 4 kids, labor takes about 12 minutes))
Let's imagine the conversation at the Austin Airport ticket counter for Alaskan Airlines, shall we?
Ticket Agent: May I help you?
Gov. Palin: Yes, I'm Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska and my water broke about 2 hours ago and I'm in labor. I need to get home to Anchorage quick.
TA: You're in labor right now?
GP: Yup, yup, yup, don't worry-- we pregnant Alaskans are tough."
TA: Oh, sure, no problem Governor, there just happens to be a plane to Anchorage idling out on the tarmac right now. Need a wheelchair?"
GP: Oh, nope, I'm good, thanks, I'll just trot to the plane now."
TA: Oh you bet, ma'am and have a great flight!"

So she finally gets to Anchorage, goes to the hospital and delivers the baby (one month premature)which weighed 6 pounds and 2 ounces. Big preemie, eh?!

What a crock.


DCup said...

Seriously crazy stuff. Even if her amniotic fluid was merely leaking and not gushing, I can't imagine here doctor wouldn't advise her to get to a hospital right away. Infection can result once the amniotic sac is broken.

And from personal experience, I can tell you, when the midwife ruptured my "bag of water" the contractions that started in earnest were enough to make me do more than grimace. Flying all that way?

Oh sure.

Karenzipdrive said...

Oh, and the next time I hear some shitferbrains Texas shitkicker say something like, "I think Governer Palin was a excellent choice," I'm just gonna burst out laughing and say, "Are you fucking kidding me??"
Then I'll just haul off and punch them.
Last night I was at a hotel bar and the dumwitted lady in the adjacent giftshop was telling some guy she thought McCain had made an excellent choice. That was only about 8 hours after the announcement was made.
I wanted to ask the dumb bitch how she knew it was an excellent choice but I was laughing so hard I had to leave before I peed myself.

Randal Graves said...

I can't believe you left out the part of when she was in labor, she was chowing down on a plate so loaded with Mooseburgers that even Wimpy would've shuddered.

Tougher In Alaska. Hey, they should turn that into a teevee show!

bigsis said...

Am I having a wonderful dream or is all of this really happening to the Republican party?

I hate that Gustav is going to do damage to the gentle folks in La but karma isn't letting anything or anyone get between it and its mission to hunt down and destroy the Republican party. Now they're talking about maybe making the first day of their Convention a "fund raiser" for the victim's of Gustav? This is some priceless shit going on here.

And it can only get better because we all know the whole truth about Ms Congeniality hasn't even begun to surface.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Dick and Bush said they weren't going to the convention out of concern about the hurricane.
They'll stay in DC so they can be concerned from the comfort of home.
Phony fucking bastards.

Dusty said...

No one knew who she was, so if they say 'excellent choice' they are so full of shit their eyes better be brown.

Google had an overload the morning they announced her..seriously...if you tried to google the freak you probably got timed out at least once. I know I did.,

Dusty said...

Oh and Dcup has plenty o' children so what she says is the truth about the amniotic fluid.

This story has so many holes, swiss cheese can't compete!

Enigma4ever said...

okay I admit I am not lol at Dusty- all of her comments have been dead on...keep at it woman..the story will are linked at Questons now...

Katie Schwartz said...

I fuckin' love this yarn. Please, who the fuck boards a plane with amniotic fluid dripping from their flange?! Huh?! Who?! Not a knocked up dame, that's for damn sure. The fucking shame of it.

cynthia said...

I have given birth nine times. Actually, my fourth baby was my quickest and after that my labors were longer and longer. However, it was labor! I was having contractions that would cause me to stop every few minutes to deal with them ... I would not have been giving a speech or flying without the flight crew noticing that something was going on. But my water never broke while I was in labor, only shortly before I gave birth.

Now, the water can break without labor starting, such as just happened to my oldest daughter. HOWEVER, and this is where I begin to question the story ...

As soon as my daughter's water broke, the doctor wanted her in the hospital to be monitored. If there is an ob-gyn anywhere who is approving continuing normal activity, flying 12 hours once water has broken ... he or she should be investigated for malpractice. Also, to be noted, that once the amniotic fluid starts leaking, it will continue to leak. Sarah Palin would not have been sitting in a dry seat on that airplane; she would have needed continual changes of clothes or a chuck pad or something.

All of this is very suspicious and I am frustrated when people say it shouldn't matter. It wouldn't matter to me if her daughter had a baby at age 16 and even if the Palin's chose to raise it as their own. But the possible cover up does matter and speaks volumes. Even if it is all on the up and up, I question the judgment of a woman who knows she is having a special needs child, her water breaks four weeks early and she waits so long to get medical attention.

I heard Mike Murphy say this morning on Meet the PRess, (not an exact quote but close) " . . she was Texas giving a speech when labor started and she flew home to Alaska to give birth. I think that's cool."

First she wasn't in labor, her water broke. Two different things. I was in labor walking with number four walking around a craft show. Trust me, if my water broke, I would be on the fast train to the hospital. Once that happens, the dynamics totally change. Second, it's not cool to jeopardize the life of her baby and of herself.

Ok,I think I am done ranting and rambling.

Lulu Maude said...

My goodness... what an elaborate cover up... if only she'd been proactive enough to wear padding suggestive of a lil bun in the oven. Guess she was too vain to go to that length.

Whatta hoot.

Will this be lifted from the blogosphere? I guess she had to "deliver" in Alaska in order to cover her ass. "Delivering" the baby in Texas might reveal an empty oven.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Cynthia, what a great comment- thank you for lending your real-world expertise on this topic.
Come by any time- we have much to learn from you.

Lulu, welcome to the party. The medical center Palin rushed to in Anchorage lists on their website each birth that occurs on any given day. Guess who wasn't listed on April 18? That's right- the gov and little Tug. Or Trig, or whatever the fuck the kid was named.
(actually, I think the daughter must have skipped out on trig class when she got knocked up- hence the name. Good thing she wasn't in Home Ec- that would have been a goofy name).

Anonymous said...

Some more things to consider: Palin is or was on the board at Valley Hosptital. She told the press that the baby was born at Mat-Su Regional, but Mat-Su lists all babies born at the hospital each day and Trigg did not make the list. Why would she list the wrong hospital? well, maybe because her daughter was still a patient at Valley and Valley would have workers and witnesses and documents who would demonstrate the falsity of her story. The Valley board connection--which demonstrates her access to power there--is especially disturbing given her history of abusing her power to manipulate situations (e.g. the firing of Monegan, who had refused to fire her ex-brother-in-law)
She also said that the obstetrician was her family doctor, a woman who owed Palin a political favor as she only became Wasilla's mayor as a result of Palin's reccomendation.

Finally, Valley is beinhg sued for refusing to give abortions.

As a mother of two pre-termers I can tell you that a) a family doctor who is not an obstetrician would not handle a pre-term delivery and b) no 36-weeker, especially one who had lost her water, would be allowed to finish her speech, much less fly 12 hours, much less drive from Anchorage (where her plane landed) to Wasilla to a particular hospital. The timeline would indicate that from the time the "water broke," it took her 15 hours to even seek any medical help. Anyone who would believe this story would believe just about anything she's selling.

karenzipdrive said...

A lot of people will believe whatever people will tell them as long as they claim to be Christians who are pro gun, pro death penalty, anti gay, anti choice and Republican.
Still- getting on a plane while she's in labor tells me at the very minimum she's an idiot.
If her physician was in on this charade, I hope someone loses their license to practice medicine.