Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Kid Is Not My Son?

Okay this is getting stranger by the day.
See this photo? It was taken on Super Tuesday, back in February of this year.
That makes Slim Sarah 7 months pregnant, since she "had her baby" in April.
I may not have ever been pregnant, but this doesn't look pregnant to me.
I may not be a meteorologist either, but I can tell when rain is in my eyes.

Okay, okay, so maybe Palin's 16-year-old daughter got knocked up and the gov wanted to spare the kid the shame and herself the embarrassment of being a family values broad with a knocked-up kid.

Whatever the reasons, if Palin has lied about this, and lied about getting her ex brother-in-law fired, can we trust her not to be a liar in general?

Of course not. She's a Republican.


Dusty said...

Christ, we got enough shit to hang her on...who is the parent of the downs syndrome child is a non-issue for moi.

But I must say that children need more parental care not less when they are born with that condition.

Distributorcap said...

a child with downs syndrome needs a ton of attention and care. plus she has 4 other kids.

what kind of mother would leave a special needs child to further her political career

a family values republican woman of course!

karenzipdrive said...

I don't care who's kid it is (although lying to hide self-imposed shame is repugnant to me) but that kid has special needs that only a mother can give.
Yes, a father can help a lot, but a mother who (allegedly) carried that child to term needs to be focused on that poor baby's welfare, especially during his critical first 6 months.
I may be a feminist lesbian, but if that was my baby you'd could shove politics- I'd want to be by my baby's side for at least the first six months.
She must be used to the Alaskan wilderness, where mammals just squat and drop kids and continue to forage for food.

FranIAm said...

Far be it from me to judge, but Down Syndrome or not... I do have some curiosity and questions about her return to work after 3 days as well.

3 days after the birth?

My friend Laura (Episcogranny on my blogroll) has put up a post about how poor she was when her son was born and how hard it was to go back to work.

She had no choice and she discusses this from the viewpoint of Palin rushing back to work from her own pregnancy.


And the teenage daughter thing... Hmmm.

FranIAm said...

Oh my God... seriously, go see photo.

Oh my God.

karenzipdrive said...


Jesus! That 16-year-old kid is pregnant as HELL. If the MSM lets this go unnoticed, there is a conspiracy and we are all fucked.
Great catch, Fran!

Dusty said...

I checked it out when FranIAm posted the link. That teenybopper sure looks preggers to me.

karenzipdrive said...

What is it with these goddamn GOP liars? They lie about every kind of "family values" issue that comes up; Cindy's dope issues and "knowing" Mother Teresa, Laura Bush's chain smoking, now this phony bitch and what sure seems to be her knocked up kid's love child.
And the worst thing is, so many of these equally phony evangelical pieces of crap will find a way to excuse the lies and support these phonies anyway.

bigsis said...

How the heck does this woman think she can absorb the Hillary votes when Palin supported Pat Buchanan? Hillary voters are NOT Buchanan supporters and would be horribly insulted to think she believes they'd identify with her.

As for the baby, if its her daughter's baby and she lied to protect her daughter, that's not uncommon behavior. But its usually a quiet family secret not a big fat lie to the entire country/world.

karenzipdrive said...

What balls the guvnor has not to think she'd be caught.
Can you say "Borderline Personality Disorder"?

Dusty said...

CNNs talking 'hairpiece' as Randal so eloquently puts it has something to say about Palin...fuck me running..or something to that effect:

Jess Wundrun said...

I've been reading comments on the right and left blogosphere and it seems that the right wing thinks dems are horrible! horrible! for promoting this story.

Here's the thing: aren't republicans supposed to be all about personal responsibility? So the abstinence didn't work. A blog that I don't know and can't vouch for said that kids that went to school with the girl said she made Wilt Chamberlain seem chaste. Great family values there. But then when the girl is pregnant, do they make her step up to the plate and accept responsibility? Nope.

Christ, Jamie Lynn Spears was able to do that.

Except that I do think they were going to let the child raise the child until she started getting serious mentions for veep. I noted on my blog that out of the blue Palin claimed to be pregnant the day after McCain sealed the nomination. I think she knew that little black mark against the family would hurt.

karenzipdrive said...

So lemme get this straight.
The ultra rightwing Sarah probably didn't want to talk to her kid Bristol about condoms n' stuff in case she got ideas.
Then, imagine one sultry July night in Alaska when the sun shines 23 hours a day and Mommy's all busy being governor n' stuff, the kid gets drunk and knocked up.
The drunkenness could explain the kid's retardation- and if Sarah Palin can lie about the kid being hers, it's no stretch to lie about fetal alcohol syndrome and call it the much cuddlier Down Syndrome instead.
Add to that the telling photos and I think we have the making of a scandal that'll make Clinton's blow job seem tame!

Robert Rouse said...

Karen, this could be the final nail in McCain's campaign. It shouldn't be that hard to determine. A simple DNA test would discover if Miss Runner-up Alaska is indeed the momma, and more important, if Mr. Runner-up Alaska is the father. I'm going to use these photos and spread the tale. Good stuff!

Katie Schwartz said...

I'm behind you on this so hard. I think it is very relevant to the election.