Tuesday, August 05, 2008

If I Ran Obama's Campaign

If I ran Obama's campaign it would be easy. I would never run an ad without a picture of McCain with Bush or Cheney, and I'd never let Obama mention McCain unless he said ..."and Bush" in the same sentence.
Easy, huh?


Distributorcap said...

very easy

also talk about the for/against
oil drilling
roe v wade
tax cuts for the rich

never stop mentioning any of that

i need your email so we can get you for killcharacter

my email is nyz5678@gmail.com

bigsis said...

There's a pathetic pic I've seen several times where McCain is hanging on to Bush like a rhesus monkey or like an old coot that finally got a visitor at his nursing home. I'd hammer that one home and the stuff d'cap mentioned.

The Earth Bound Misfit said...

What DCap said. Send it in!!

karenzipdrive said...

Sis I think that pic is overused. But I think I should get a little credit for photoshopping sweatty pits on Bush's blue shirt.

bigsis said...

Overused? I can't get enough of seeing that washed up old bastard clinging to W for life. It cracks me up just to think of it. I may even frame that pic and put it in my office to annoy my R employers.

But I admit W with sweaty pits is pretty darn good. I wonder what Mc has in his hand, his keys?

dguzman said...

No, that's not his keys; it's his battery pack. He holds the fingers up to receive signals from his controller, Dick Cheney.

That's why he looks like he wants to cry in the pic on the right. "Oh daddy! I love you!"