Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Pic Fran Sent

Look at this pic of the Palin family, taken in March '08 and see if you can guess who's pregnant.
Clue: the teen girl sure is thin, except for that prodigious BELLY.
All this is not that uncommon except for this-- Sarah Palin made a big deal out of saying she'd learned that "her baby" had Downs Syndrome before he was born, and that "she's made a conscious decision not to abort."


Karen Zipdrive said...

Thanks to my dear FranIAm for opening this huge can of WhoopAss on the phony Governor.
Anyone care to guess how long it'll take the MSM to catch on and report this?

If they do, say buh bye to McCain's campaign. :D

FranIAm said...

My girl Jess Wundrun had that photo posted and I had to send you the link to her.

This is the shit.

Go to Morse's blog - Media Needle and watch the Jack Caafferty video.

I wonder if this will be Harriet Miers redux and she has to step aside.

karenzipdrive said...

Hat tip to Jess Wundrun.
This story is as huge as that kid's belly.

Jess Wundrun said...

Nope, Karen it's a complete circle. I saw your post earlier today and went looking.

99% of people who give birth take baby pictures in the hospital. Unflattering photos of mom looking like she just pooped out a bowling ball and baby all full of goo.

Wanna bet Sarah doesn't have any of those of her and Trig?

karenzipdrive said...

Jess, I think we may be playing a new game called "Six Degrees of FranIAm."
She apparently sends us the dirt and let's us do the dishing while she stays on the side of God blogging about gentle, Jesusy things!
She's amazing!

Anonymous said...

So here's a questions for you. Did you catch the pix from the rally? The daughter Bristol is holding the baby. The dad isn't hold the baby. And Bristol looks more like someone who's had a baby recently. Well, more than her mom, at least.

I find it curious. I put a link to the flickr pix on 'Tits.

Distributorcap said...


enigma4ever said... are on it woman...excellent..and is about the lying part of it...thanks....I will link you...good job...

Katie Schwartz said...

Don't you love this pic? Our Frannygirl is on this big time.

16-year-old spawn is so preggers. Note the boyuch (belly), titskas (rack) and glowing round face.

She screams knocked up.

Karen Zipdrive said...

And please note the boyuch BUTTON. You can see the outline of it.
Totally preggers.