Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And People Wonder Why Mormons Are So Unpopular

SAN FRANCISCO — The California Supreme Court has upheld a voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage, but it also decided that the estimated 18,000 gay couples who tied the knot before the law took effect will stay wed...

Well, isn't that nice?
California, often considered the most liberal state on the West Coast, has once again peed all over gay rights.
It's hard to believe that IOWA, for Chrissakes, is more liberal about gay rights than California, but it is.
Oh sure, right-wing Jesus freaks and wingnuts like the Mormons out of Utah ponied up lots of dough to see that Proposition 8 passed in California, because it's clear that what happens in California is none of their fucking business.
Same goes for holy rolling Black Californians who voted against the queers. You'd think they'd be sensitive to civil rights for all, but nooooooo.
I'm sick of people sticking their straight noses in queer business.
I'm sick of my people paying the same share of state and federal taxes for half-assed rights that breeders take for granted.
California, my birthplace, has become a wasteland.
They are fiscally near bankrupt and their people have turned into cornball conservatives with no compassion and no sense of common civil rights.
I hope the queers in Cali riot.
I hope they spray Mormons' white suits and shoes with rainbow colored paint while they're on their way to church.
I hope they do a tax revolt.
As for Caliqueers who got married during the thin window of marriage legality and "get to stay married" due to the largess of the assholes on the California Supreme Court (Hello, Ken Starr), I hope they take their queer dollars and move to Iowa or New England, where they can breathe free without State tyranny.
Fuck you, California voters and Supreme Court.
I'm glad I moved to Texas, where at least our conservative assholes are up front about it. No legislators in Texas tease us with the hope for equal rights for queers, so there's no risk of disappointment, and no issues dealing with evil infiltrators like those goddamned snoopy Mormons.


nonnie9999 said...

it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to say that marriages that already took place are legal, but any future ones aren't. if same sex marriage is so damaging to civilization as we know it, then how could they let existing ones stand? it's just plain bullshit. it's also stupid, as california would see its money woes melt away if they had a gay marriage industry.

i think it's time for a boycott of california oranges.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I say we boycott oranges, tourism, Humboldt County weed, California wines, using the word "dude," watching the show "Entourage," and thinking the Hollywood sign is cool.

Fran said...

What a legal can-of-worms the CA Supreme court just opened.

Maybe their intent was to fling the door wide open to an Equal Rights lawsuit???

How can some people have legal gay marriages and some not.

I seriously hope the ACLU steps up & an Equal Rights lawsuit is filed-- like tomorrow.

Some people can have a legal marriage because they picked a better date?

No way that's going to hold up in court.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I hope the lawsuits clog up the courts like the port-a-cans at Woodstock.
I love it..."some of you can stay married, but snooze you lose, queers."
Just imagining them trying to untangle domestic partnership benefits at California corporations and State Offices is pure slapstick comedy.

Dusty said...

Fucking Assholes really screwed the pooch this time.

As Nonnie says..how in the blue hell can the 18,000 couples married before that fuckwitted prop passed still be married if it's in the States dumbass constitution that it's illegal?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Screwed the pooch? They killed the damn pooch!
For a state that's almost broke, I hope Ahnold has some money stashed away to give the courts. They're gonna be up to their eyebrows in legal challenges over this mess of lopsided horseshit.

Dusty said...

No, the state IS broke. Ahnold actually was against Prop 8. He had said repeatedly that if the state tried to pass a law in the state senate to outlaw gay marriage, he would not sign it.

But he is still an asshole.

Karen Zipdrive said...

He's a total sell-out.
Before he got into politics he was a rampant party boy, pot-head & woman hound. The GOP accepted the reprobate because he was rich and had good connections.
The last good governor California had was Jerry Brown.
When will Californians learn that actors make shitty politicians?

Lulu Maude said...

csc justices are ELECTED, and 2 are up for re-election. no way to sustain an independent judiciary.


Fran said...

You can add Ronnie Raygun to the bad actor/shitty California politician list.

Remember Guvmnt Cheese & Ketchup is a vegetable?

bigsis said...

Rove et al started the gay marriage fiasco as a wedge issue that worked perfectly to get Bush back in office. But I think that as in everything Rove did/does, its going to bite him and his fellow homophobes in their respective asses. The gay marriage issue has ignited furor among people who would never have cared one way or another in the past. Even young evangelicals are speaking up in favor of gay marriage now. Did we ever think we'd see Ted Olson and David Boies (Bush v Gore attorneys, 2000) working together as counsel for plaintiffs to overturn Prop 8? That's some good shit happening right there.

Distributorcap said...

this is a whole can of worms now - that literally got buried by the Supreme court appt this week - how ironic

there is no doubt this will now have to end up at the supreme court -- and why bother - we ALL KNOW THE VOTES right now.

my fear it loses - the gang of asshole 4 plus catholic kennedy ---

what a mess - and only in calif

dguzman said...

Holy shit, you're scaring me about my pending move to CA.

I'll just have to go there and start changing the system from within! Down with those gay-haters!