Friday, May 08, 2009

I Love Lawrence O'Donnell

Tonight on MSNBC's The Ed Show, political commentator Lawrence O'Donnell served as Ed Schultz's substitute anchor.
First, someone please tell me why the decidedly goofy Ed Schultz has his own show and Lawrence O'Donnell does not. Ed's a likable enough guy, but he's too blustery and loud for my taste.
Having said that, Lawrence O'Donnell is exactly who the lefties and progressives need as a man who's not afraid to stand up for our side.
He's articulate, he's fast on his feet and he's absolutely fierce in confronting bully rightwingers who are accustomed to mowing down those with whom they disagree.
He's got a distinguished demeanor, an acute intellect and an encyclopedic knowledge of politics and political history.
I have seen him demolish rightwing gasbags with dead certainly, causing them to stammer and sputter like an old Kia filled with cheap gasoline.
It would be easy to imagine him as a Senator or Congressman, but I prefer him as a commentator because he can say what he wants without catching hell from any goofy conservative constituents.
I'm a pretty good debater, but I would be quaking in my sensible shoes if I ever had to go up against O'Donnell in any political debate.
He's absolutely the best media advocate we have, and he deserves all the praise we can give him.
If you have time, please send your compliments to the top at MSNBC.
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nonnie9999 said...

i sometimes watch the ed show, and sometimes not, because i don't care for ed schultz. he's loud and obnoxious, and even when i agree with him, i find his voice grating. however, when i clicked over today, i was thrilled to see that lawrence o'd was subbing for ed. i cannot believe that msnbc doesn't have him on 19 hours a day. he's so cool and collected. he's like errol flynn in the old movies. he wields a sword, slays his enemies, all while looking debonair. i absolutely adore him! he took apart those rethuglican asswipes like a surgeon with a new scalpel.

Distributorcap said...

o'donnell always eats a restaurant around the corner from my apt - i always see him on the street with his wife.

the guys is brilliant

Karen Zipdrive said...

JEEZE, D-Cap, can you please take a pic of him on your cell, print it out and forge his autograph, then re-scan it and send it to me?
I have a near-heterosexual crush on the guy!

bigsis said...

Me too, O'Donnell gives me the bisexual shakes.

Dusty said...

Brillant man as DCap says. I have posted a few of his vid's where he tears up the competition lately..Long Live Larry ODonnell!!!!

oh can't hear video today...sorry, my bad.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Today on Hardball, Lawrence O'Donnell completely removed Pat Buchanan's balls with a few short statements.
He's a classic!

Dusty said...

HA! I just turned on Hardball..thanks! )