Monday, May 18, 2009

I Need a New Drug

Man, I need a vacation.
Not one of those pack giant suitcases and get on a plane vacations, just a road trip down to the Gulf Coast, to a little spot I love called Mustang Island.
You gotta pay to get in this state park, so it's not strewn with drunken teenagers flinging beer bottles at each other.
It's not a huge expanse of sea like my beloved Venice Beach on the Pacific, nor is it a craggy, rocky, dramatic Atlantic sea like on the Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine.
It's just a little beach on the Gulf Coast with gentle dunes, warm water and tame little waves on which one can easily body surf.
I need to gather up seaside negative ions all over my body, those ions that cancel out all the atmospheric crap that clings to those of us who live inches from computer monitors, TVs and cell phones.
I need to see goofy cranes, belching pelicans and those adorable little sandpipers hauling ass across the shoreline.
I need to eat a pound of jumbo shrimp that were swimming in the ocean the day before.
I need a few hush puppies, because fried bread crumbs are so nutritious.
I don't need two weeks or even one week. I'd settle for a day trip, leaving at dawn and returning that night.
The seed has been planted. It won't be long.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Sounds good, can I come with?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Heck yeah, Monkey. We can pack a little grill and bring some cooking gear and feast on seafood right on the beach. Then you can take pictures and we can do a joint blog.
Who else wants to come? We could make this an event!

nonnie9999 said...

mmmmmmm...hush puppies!

Mauigirl said...

Sounds great to me.

karenzipdrive said...

I don't even like hush puppies on their own, but you drop a few on a big plate of fried shrimp and they make the perfect counterpoint to the chewy sweetness of the shrimp.
The best are the two-bite kind, with a little extra cornmeal on the outside to make them extra crispy.
Here's a recipe for you Yankees out there:

1 c. flour
1 c. cornmeal
1/8 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. baking soda
1 egg
1.5 c. buttermilk
Oil for deep frying

Sift together first four ingredients, add egg and buttermilk and mix until it holds the shape when you roll them into 1.5 inch balls.
Deep fry in hot oil until golden brown and crisp. Drain and serve.

Makes 10-12 pups.

Distributorcap said...

sounds so nice.....

Dusty said...

Wtf are you waiting for woman? Get in the car and go! sounds so loverly KZ.

Thanks for the hush puppy recipe..I love those fried balls of heart attacks. ;)

KarenZipdrive said...

It may sound nutty but I'm waiting for that guy to pay me back.
I'm going to meet with him at 6 today--who knows what he'll have to say?
If he pays me back, that'll change the dynamics of my getaway. :$

Dusty said...

good thoughts KZ, hope the skanky bastard pays you today.

Anonymous said...

If you need a new drug, might I suggest my own special additive for Marijuana Cigarettes. I promise that you will get a bang out of it!

During the two weeks preceding New Years and the Fourth of July, buy some firecrackers. Unroll them and collect the silver powder inside. Mix this silver powder with your grass in equal portions, roll, and smoke!

Not only will you get stoned, you'll also get blasted!


Zipdrive said...

Anon, I think you should consider ditching the "Marijuana Cigarettes," whether enhanced with gun powder or not.
Sounds like your brain might need a little break from the loco weed, dude.

Dusty said...

Was Anon trying to be funny or just an asshole troll KZ?

Sometimes it's hard to say with folks like him/her.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Dusty, I'm not sure yet.
I had to delete one of his comments earlier, but I think he's just trying to be funny.
Asshole comments get deleted, so those anons who go too far are wasting their time.

Dusty said...

Hey KZ, did you watch the Cav-Orlando game?

good game..except I didn't like the ending. ;p

Karen Zipdrive said...

No Dusty, unless the Spurs are in the mix I have very little interest in watching post-season NBA. I might watch the finals but it depends on who's playing.
I prefer the Cavs over Florida any day, and I think Lebron James is the modern day Jordan. Is he still a big fat cry baby?
Who won tonight?

Dusty said...

Cav's lost by one point. It was a good game..close as hell after the first half which was dominated by James and the Cavs.

I think Lebron has matured quite a bit. But, I don't know him, so who am I to say? ;)