Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Regarding Obama's Change of Heart...

As most of us already know, the American Civil Liberties Union sued to have a couple of thousand more photos released to the public that show American service members torturing detainees.
Today the president announced that he'd changed his mind and would attempt to block the photos from being released.
His rationale was that his generals on the ground convinced him that releasing additional photos would only serve to inflame those in Afghanistan and Pakistan who don't like America to begin with, and further endanger our military personnel.
Having heard today on MSNBC a steady stream of liberals and conservatives opine on Obama's decision, I have to admit I usually am prone to agree with the liberals, primarily because I've learned to suspect anything the conservatives are for.
But in this case, I am giving Obama the benefit of the doubt.
Because I believe he's a brilliant man and politically savvy enough to throw the right-wing dogs an occasional bone in order to cushion himself from the inevitable firestorm of criticism he'll get once Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department do the right thing and indict Bush, Cheney and the rest of those sniveling criminals for war crimes, torture and lying to Congress to drag us into an illegal war.
Furthermore, I believe Obama is dragging his feet on siccing Holder on these crooks because he knows the value of public opinion. The more Dick Cheney and other neo-con goons try to justify behavior like waterboarding and the kind of shit portrayed in the photo above, the more accepting we'll be when investigations are launched full throttle, and the obvious conclusions are reached.
Also, I really do believe that exposing the world to more photos of American military personnel torturing detainees will put our troops in more danger if they are captured and become prisoners of war.
If Obama was a Republican, I would immediately suspect his change of heart and cry foul, but I still trust him enough to believe he made an honest, heartfelt decision.
HOWEVER...each time he makes a decision that pleases the right-wing for whatever reason, he better damn well remember his base and who elected him.

In other news, I hear the Republicans want to force (?) the Democratic party to change its name to the "Democrat Socialist Party."
Having the gall to demand the opposition party change its name notwithstanding, I'd be fine with the change as long as we can change their name to, "the warmongering criminal, latent homosexual yet homophobic, faux Christian, corporate white male cocksucker and/or cunt party."
Catchy, huh?


nonnie9999 said...

i agree that there's no reason to release the rest of the pictures. we've seen enough of them to understand what was done in our names. i'm just hoping that the rest will be used as evidence against those who enabled and authorized what was done.

i'll be a member of the democrat socialist part if they change their name to the republican torture party.

nonnie9999 said...

karen dahling,
hate to change the subject, but i was reading something that i thought that you would enjoy. it's here. tell 'im i sent ya, and you'll get a good seat!

p.s. the word verification word was suckoid! lol!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Nonnie that guy who writes that Blog is hilarious! Thanks for the tip. I never realized how porked up Bill Bennett has gotten. WOWZAH!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Getting back to those horrible photos, if they wanna get a move on in prosecuting the Bushies, they should start publishing them without the genitalia blurred out.
Let the neo-cons get a daily gander at Taliban balls and see if they don't cry to make it stop.

Utah Savage said...

Once again, we are in perfect agreement. I hate so see the left start tearing apart our own. We haven't been there very long and have gotten a lot of good things done in a very short time. So let's back of a smidgen and trust this smart man's intelligence and political savvy.

Fran said...

I'll put up with the suppression of the truth/photos seeing the light of day IF they move forward with the prosecutions/ independent counsel .


Cheney is already blaming other and **gasp*** talking....

Pelosi held a presses saying the CIA lied.

All these big players are getting skiddish & nervous.... come on!

Let the trials begin.

If they don;t show all the photos publicly.... at least sow them to a jury.

Whatever it takes to get some justice & lawfulness back on the table.

bigsis said...

I think the torture memos (among other incrimination documents) of them trying to get that guy to say Sadam Hussein was in on the Twin Towers blow up. are better than all the pictures they can show.

The gay R's (a.k.a the males R's)are getting off on those pix and using them to distract from their crimes. And the talibanders are using them as recruiting photos, so fine, shut the pix down but keep that written evidence coming.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I just love how Nancy Pelosi said the CIA were a bunch of liars and how that other Congress Rep produced his crazy-detailed spiral notebooks to back her up on it.
The neo-con parrots had the gall to say, "The CIA would NEVER lie to Congress..."
Ha. They gotta be kidding.
Put up or shut up, CIA. Prove it.