Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Zipdrive's Guide to Chasing Away the Blues
Sometimes I Just Google Photos I Know Will Make Me Laugh


nonnie9999 said...

wanna see funny pics? look at the ones here of the donald and his wife. look at the body language. she either looks like she's standing next to a stranger or like someone who is creeped out even being near him!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Holy cow- she looks like she's doing the limbo with that backward tilt of her torso.
You know how Law & Order is always doing stories about Soviet Bloc women who use American men for money? I think it's true.
Every SB woman I've ever met was cold, calculating and all about the bucks.
If Trump didn't have money, he'd be married to some frumpy woman his same age who'd smack him around whenever he opened his yap.

Fran said...

Got gastric distress?

Distributorcap said...

i wonder if someone likes her is stealing her shoes like they did to Marla's

Lisa said...

Now make he talk so we can laugh at it some more. She's bound to say something high-larious. She's from the Comedy Channel, after all, right?

Dusty said...

Damn, she is very pretty and has a helluva nice rack.

But frankly, I couldn't sell my soul to a freak like The Donald..ewwwwww!