Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I'll Have Some Toast, on Jewish Rye

Jeeze, Arlen Specter, has it occurred to you that hanging around the Senate since 1980 as a Republican doesn't automatically make you a decent Democrat, especially when you admittedly switched parties out of your own selfish political interests?
First you say you definitely had no plans to be "a loyal Democrat."
Then you say you are concerned about being the only Jew in the Senate, and that the Minnesota courts should do the right thing and seat Norm Coleman in his so-called rightful place in the Senate so there can be two Jews.
Never mind that duly elected Sen. Al Franken also is a Jew, can you possibly be stupid enough to publicly root for the losing Republican?
Maybe now that the Democrats have totally stripped you of your seniority and have let you know that you are on a par with any freshman Democratic Senator, you'll shut the fuck up and start to toe the party line.
And let's make it clear, as long you're still acting like a crusty old fart Republican, do not assume anyone will support you in the next Democratic primary.
Pennsylvania voted people like you OUT in the last election, and they don't need to see the light, you do.
My friend FranIAm met you 20 years ago and found you humble and polite, so I gave you the benefit of the doubt when you switched parties.
But after a few short days, you've been shooting off your arrogant mouth and showing that typical Republican overblown sense of entitlement.
If you don't start acting like a Democrat soon, you should jump back on the GOP's sinking ship and drown with the rest of those despicable rats.
So far, I give your debut as a Democrat an F.
And we all know what F stands for.


Utah Savage said...

Go Karen! I feel this way about Arlen too. But I've held a grudge against him since the Clarence Thomas hearings and his terrible treatment of Antia Hill. His only constituent is Arlen. God I hope he gets the boot.

KarenZipdrive said...

I was glad for the extra vote, but if he has no plans to behave in accordance with the Democratic platform, then fuck him.
However, I have a hunch that removing his seniority and stripping him of any meaningful committee roles might give him the hint.
Some people (like Dick Cheney) are oblivious to their shortcomings and think all criticism toward them is wrong.
Specter might be the same type, but I'm hoping he's still capable of evolving.

Matty Boy said...

F is for ferkakte?

kirby said...

No, F is for finished.

Fran said...

Let's not forget another party changeling -LIEberman.
He is jewish, so Arlen is not alone & they can commiserate about flip flopping between parties. They have a lot in common-- washed up old politicians grasping for yet another term in office.

Specter should be stripped of his seniority. He is a newbie in his new party, and should not be able to switch parties AND retain seniority (even though apparently Harry Reid made him that promise).

Maybe it's a good thing he shot off his mouth in support of Norm Loser Coleman, and his first vote on the other side of the aisle as a dem, was with the GOP side.

If Arlen wants to *break on through to the other side*, he's gonna have to prove it.

Keep the wolf in sheep's clothing away from the hen house!

Lulu Maude said...

What Utah said.

bigsis said...

Wise to strip him of his seniority and assume this guy could just be infiltrating the D party with plans to upset our apple cart.

He's just another stooge now, but getting a vote out of him would be nice.

KarenZipdrive said...

If the old fart doesn't realize he'd better vote with the Obama Democrats, he's probably too senile to serve much longer.
I don't see how the D's could be any clearer about him being on his last chance.
He's acted like a real shitheel so far, and nobody's buying what he's selling.

nonnie9999 said...

i think old arlen painted himself into a corner, and now he is being forced to behave or stay in the corner. taking away his seniority was a shot across the bow from the other dems. they were telling him to get in line or get out. the only chance he has of getting reelected (and that chance is very slim) is to get on board with a lot of labor and health care issues. from what i've read, the dems made him no promises whatsoever, and his lack of seniority proves that.

the good news is that tim ridge said he wouldn't run for senator.

karenzipdrive said...

I'm not so sure Tom Ridge holds much appeal to voters. He's just a typical old guard Republican.
As for Specter, he's definitely got hoof and mouth syndrome.
He should have made the switch by saying the GOP is no longer the Big Tent and he didn't want to be in the party of no.
To admit right off the bat that he was switching only to increase his chances of getting to stay in the Senate made me suspicious.
To continue to act that way has been a total turn-off.
He'd have to do a complete 180 to win my support.

dguzman said...

Ridge says he's not running. My guess is that he's hoping for the veep spot on the ticket in 2012. (Palin/Ridge? just threw up in my mouth--a lot)

But you're right about Specter. I too was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but the effer's been nothing but a typical asshole repug since he moved across the aisle. Bastard.