Wednesday, May 20, 2009

When it's Appropriate to Call a Closeted Gay Man a Cocksucker

Now is that time.
Closet queen Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, is a woman hating cocksucker.
Hell, he ought to be called Dick Fairy for his regressive style of faggotry.
Hey, I know a cocksucker when I see one.
Having more than 35 years' experience hobnobbing in gay and lesbian circles, a very slim percentage of gay men just hate women. They will not associate with them as friends, they will not exchange cocktail party pleasantries, they will not deal with them in unless it's absolutely essential, and when it is their revulsion is palpable.
Sure, the same is true of some lesbian man-haters, but that's another topic for another time.
By now you've likely heard that one of Perry's campaign faggots said, "The Republican Party shouldn't open itself 'like a whorehouse' to new voters."
The sexist, misogynist remark royally pissed off some bigwig GOP women in Texas, and it gave Perry's biggest rival in the race, Kay Bailey Hutchison, some mighty big cow turds to fling at Rick Perry and his butt pirate pals.
Perry sputtered and flailed around trying to distance himself from the remark, but with Texas Republicans split between Perry's hard-ass, he-man conservative camp and Hutchison's more moderate one, the damage has been done.
I've been all over Blog comment land recalling my direct experiences with Rick Perry and his thinly veiled faggotry, but they bear repeating here.
One year, I attended a Human Rights Foundation gala dinner in Austin. At the time Perry was running for governor.
He showed up without his beard--uhh--wife Anita, and he was absolutely indifferent to the women who attended. A friend of mine, a prominent lesbian physician with a beautiful face and most impressive cleavage showing in her couture gown, bent over to ask a seated Perry what he intended to do to help gays and lesbians as governor. "Why should I vote for you?" she asked.
Not only did Perry fail to check out her cleavage, he didn't even look at her face.
He grunted his curt response, "Because I'm here." Then he abruptly stood up and walked away, like she had cooties.
My friend looked at me with her jaw dropped and we started laughing at his rudeness.
I said, "You get the feeling Perry hates women?" She said, "Definitely."
I added, "If he didn't check out cleavage like yours tonight, he's a total queen."
Later, I stood in the large foyer of the ballroom, across the expanse from Perry, who was leaning against the opposite wall looking bored. He didn't notice me, and I pretended not to notice him. But I watched him eyeing the crotches of every male who walked by. His eyes never traveled above their waists. He was all about checking out teh dicks.
When we both arrived at the escalator at the same moment, he didn't hesitate to get on first, totally ignoring the "ladies first" tradition that macho Texas men take very seriously.
So yeah, he considers women interested in leadership roles in the Republican party "turning it into a whorehouse."
While I am no fan of Kay Bailey Hutchison, she didn't sleep her way to the Senate, and unlike Perry she's remained scandal free, at least sexually.
It's common knowledge that Perry's wife caught him teabagging then-Secretary of State Geoffrey O'Connor, a screaming queen with blond highlights and looks reminiscent of Carson Kressley from "Queer Eye on the Straight Guy."
It's one thing that Perry is a closeted Republican- they are as common as flies on shit.
But when a queen is a woman hater, he needs to be outed and doubted.
Back when Ann Richards was running against Clayton Williams in the governor's race, they were neck and neck until he refused to shake her hand when she offered it to him.
He lost the race over that incident.
Even conservative Republican men cannot abide a man being rude to a lady. They may be jerks, but I am always appreciative of gentlemen, and Texas men tend to be very courteous in an old fashioned way.
By inferring that KBH was a whore, I think Perry just lost himself a race.
Good. That cocksucker needs to go.


FranIAm said...

Watch out baby - Karen is on FIRE. And Rick Perry is the kindling!

What an ass. I know that kind of gay man, infrequent as they are, they are hateful.

KBH is a bee-yotch, but I hope she kicks Perry's ass and divides the Texas GOP.

dguzman said...

KBH scares the hell out of me, but she's better than Bush's butt-boy.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Compared to Perry, KBH is like a kindly librarian.
Sure she talks the same GOP shit, but you don't necessarily want to kick her down a flight of stairs after hearing her voice.

bigsis said...

I love gay men who are out and proud and have enough self esteem to appreciate women. But these closeted pervs who hate women for even existing on the same planet, make me sick. I suffered one of Perry's disdainful looks at some function too. I'd bet anything he's horribly abuse to his wife.

nonnie9999 said...

i'm not sure if perry sunk his campaign with this little episode, as he is already saying that the asshole who made the remark doesn't speak for his campaign. i hope it comes back to bite him in the ass though, as i'm sure the remark was not off the cuff, but planned and delivered by someone who damned well does speak for him. he speaks for gov. goodhair so that little ricky can have deniability.

i linked over here, because i dedicated a post to you, karen. it was before i came over here and read this post, but it is coincidentally on the same subject.

Lulu Maude said...

hi is very queeny, isn't he?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Lulu, do you remember those men only leather bars on Castro Street in San Francisco? All the queens inside were stone-face tough guys who tried their hardest to seem butch.
Perry is patterned after those guys.

travelingman said...

I am certain that there are some homos who do hate women and I am just as certain that there a man hating women. If Perry is gay then he is the the "Larry Craig shuffle" kind of queer, the kind of guy who will suck your dick on his knees in the bathroom and as soon as he wipes his mouth upon completion he then pretends never to have met you before and is shocked that you are standing in the stall with him.

Those kind of queers deserve to be outed for sure.

bigsis said...

Thanks for that comment travelingman, it sums Perry up perfectly.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Rick, I've known my share of feminist lesbian separatists who hate men and want nothing to do with them.
I consider their lesbianism a symptom of deep-seated psychological issues that need treatment. I don't want to be around them, so I'm not.
Same with gay male women haters, I want nothing to do with them.
And I've known a few Log Cabion types who, as you described so well--they are gay in sexual terms only but otherwise as homophobic as any straight redneck ignoramus.
Sick fucks.

zoe said...

I love it when you are on a roll, Karen
No, tell us what you REALLY think about Ricky..heh

HelenWheels said...

This is a most excellent post, you are spot on, KZD!! I couldn't stop laughing, you nailed it.

I'm still horrified that he has that freak Ted Nugent at many of his fund-raisers, or used to. After Ted said he'd like to kill Hillary, maybe that changed. It figures a closet queen who fancies himself a he-man would befriend a violent asshole like Nugent, who's probably a bitter closet gay himself.