Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What a Week!

I usually don't make a huge deal out of my birthday, but this year I really hit the jackpot.
On Sunday, April 26, Middle Sis and her partner took me to this fancy bistro out in the suburbs and we ate like starving princesses. I had Dover sole wrapped around lobster chunks and so much wine, the rest of the details are sketchy.
Monday through Wednesday, I fielded a lot of calls and e-mails from people I hardly ever hear from. It was so nice of them to remember me.
On my actual birthday (Thursday), my pal KT came down from San Diego and took me to the Tip Top Cafe for chicken fried steak and onion rings. We split a piece of the best apple pie, with lots of cinnamon and a flaky crust. Mmmm.
On Friday, I rested.
On Saturday, I drove to Austin for the Main Event, a party Big Sis and My Sharona threw for me. It was smallish, but all my favorite people were there. No drama.
We sat around a big table under the gazebo in BigSis's perfectly manicured yard and played Name That Tune with our iPods in a little dock with speakers.
Get a load of the food, catered by Whole Foods flagship store in Austin:
-Endive leaves stuffed with goat cheese, black mission figs and pecans
-Mini polenta cakes with shrimp and topped with corn chow-chow
-Gingered tempura asparagus with an Asian dipping sauce
-Mini baked potatoes stuffed with greyere and bacon, with chives
-Jumbo shrimp & cocktail sauce
-Brie en croute
-Pork tenderloin in a cranberry citrus sauce with cumin
-An edible bouquet of fresh fruit, some of it chocolate dipped
-A dark chocolate mousse cake with raspberries
-Fresh mojitos and/or Prosecco & assorted cocktails
We chowed down like it was a sit-down dinner, and it was almost impossible to name the best tasting dish.
I'd invited a friend who lives in Austin to join us, and she showed up in a freaking clown costume. She'd been on 6th Street in Austin riding a Trikke (human powered vehicle), and lemme tell you, it was some costume.
She wore a black top hat and tails, a white vest, a black and white boatneck shirt, black tights and spats over black shoes. Spats!
Well, call me a sucker for clowns dressed in formal wear, but I was transfixed just looking at her. She was cute as a button in that get-up.
Even my brother Billy was wowed. He said he wanted to borrow the costume to go fishing on Lake Travis. Tights and all!
The party broke up around midnight and I was higher than Sly and the Family Stone when I hit the sack. I slept until 10:30, then BigSis came in and coffeed me up so we could go to brunch. I had my all-time favorite breakfast: eggs benedict.
I drove back to San Antonio with bags filled with cards and a lotta cool gifts, including $60 worth of iPod gift cards. YOW!
Getting older definitely has its benefits.
Next year I may shoot for two weeks of celebrations. :)


Lulu Maude said...

No wonder you said you were still digesting!

Quite a family you have there.

FranIAm said...

That sounds amazing - and all well deserved as you are KAREN ZIPDRIVE, much beloved among those who know you, IRL and otherwise!

Dusty said...

Brie en croute- oooh!

Glad you had a spectacular week dear KZ. You deserve it more than anyone I can think of. ;)

Utah Savage said...

Now I'm really hungry. Happy belated birthday wishes to you. You and yours really know how to party.

nonnie9999 said...

dammit! now i'm starving, but i think i have that damned flu (or maybe just a flu), and it hit my stomach this morning. i have to read about all that good food, only to search the kitchen cabinets for a can of soup for dinner. bleh!

i love when you write food diaries, karen. you really need to be a food critic.

so glad you had a wonderful bday. tell you what, you can have mine this year. yours seem to be so much better than mine ever is.

nonnie9999 said...

hey karen!
i did a food post tonight! come on over! ;-)

Lisa said...

You weren't kidding - that was some serious foodie food. Sounds like a smashing time, Princess!

Once more - happy birthday!

Fran said...

Let the good times roll!

dguzman said...

You're such a foodie!

Happy belated birdday.