Thursday, August 14, 2003

Californicating the Vote

I see the GOP petition gatherers have succeeded in totally fucking up the gubernatorial electoral process in California.
The only candidate I see on the ridiculous ballot who might make a difference is Arianna Huffington.
The rest of them, including the turncoat Democrat Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante and GOP "actor" Ahnold Schwarzenegger are obviously opportunists and scavengers.
Even Dubya is steering clear of endorsing any of these clowns.
Meanwhile in Texas, the GOP leadership is now trying to sanction the Democrats on the lam in New Mexico by illegally fining them each a thousand bucks a day until they return to session, so the GOP can shove an uncalled for, racially discriminating redistricting plan down their throats.
Gee, the GOP steals one national election and now they think they can just take over and change whatever they don't like.
A Democrat won the governor's race in California fair and square. Get over it.

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