Tuesday, August 19, 2003

New Cartoon Ideas

Okay, if Sponge Bob Square Pants can make it, I have some new cartoon ideas.
• Tammy the Tampon
She gives young girls advice on romance and sex. Her costars are Robby the Rubber and the evil Queen Chlamydia.
• Gumdrop.
This character spends all his time trying to avoid kids and ants. He has Gummi Bear relatives in Germany, including Tante Ursala.
• Internut.
This is a kid who stays online all the time and says LOL in person instead of laughing.
His parents only communicate with him by e-mail. He looks like this :o)
• Spotty the Paintspot.
He's always getting himself into trouble, dripping on clothes, furniture, shoes, etc. His enemies are Polly Paper Towel and Ralph Razor Blade.

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