Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Godspeed, Sweet Friend

A few weeks ago I wrote a Blog review of Harry Potter Book V.
In my comments box, a woman named Miss Marls wrote a more accurate and sensible review, which impressed me immeasurably.
We started a Blog comments, e-mail and Instant Message friendship that blossomed and became important to both of us.
Her brilliance and wit were a joy to me, and when she collapsed recently and became hospitalized, I wrote about my concern for her.
She transferred to a treatment facility shortly afterwards. In her hidden sadness and despair, she took her own life Sunday evening.
Though we only knew each other a short time, we were fast friends and shared some incredible conversations online. Despite her inner turmoil, she always maintained a humorous and upbeat front.
She was an amazingly successful woman with a brilliant career and a loving family, but that was not enough to bring her the happiness that eluded her.
She'd lost her only child, a son, in a tragic auto accident just after he'd been graduated from college several years ago. I don't think she ever recovered from the loss.
They are together now, and I pray she's found the happiness she longed for.
The skies just gained another star.
Good-bye. I will miss you, Marls.

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