Wednesday, August 06, 2003

I Must Have Forgotten to Move

Texas in August causes brain damage.
Yesterday it was so hot, when I got into my car I had to use a little cloth over the shifter to slide from park into reverse.
The AC in my car was on full blast, but only managed to bring down the interior temperature to around 80 degrees by the time I drove the 3 miles to Willie's House of Pain.
Willie's HoP is nicely air conditioned, but I started sweating like a horse between getting off the treadmill and getting on the elliptical trainer.
Seems the humidity outside trumps air conditioning inside.
Once I started on the ab crunching machine, I was flinging sweat like Jennifer Beals in Flashdance.
I was sucking my water bottle like a foal on a mare. I ran out the before the session did.
Texas in August is a horrid, vitality sucking kiln.
A friend of mine wanted to pop in for a visit sometime soon. She lives out west, where the summers are perfect. August is not the time for her to come to Texas.
Only a fool would choose to be in Texas in August.
Especially Crawford, Texas.

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