Saturday, August 02, 2003

The Winds of Change

This personal trainer shit might be working.
I have dropped six pounds since I started 11 days ago, but my clothes are a lot looser than six pounds would indicate. Yay for muscle!
Also, I think I am about done pining away for my recently-former-on-again-off-again girlfriend.
The woman was truly wonderful but she had for me what I call motorboat love:
She loved me but but but but but but but but but...
I may not have had enough of her butt, but I have had enough of her buts.
Hey, you love, you risk, sometimes you lose.
She taught me a lot. Most of all, she taught me that one really can have an honorable breakup without rancor, venomous comments or seething leftover resentments.
Last time I saw her, we kissed good-bye so hard I think I may have tasted blood.
Hey, if it's gonna be a last kiss, may as well make it memorable, right?
On to Willie's House of Pain.

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