Saturday, August 16, 2003

They Don't Make Dictators Like They Used To

With all these panty waist dictators we have around the world today like Saddam, Khadaffi, Castro and Dubya, the world lost a first class dic today.
Idi Amin from Uganda died today in exile in Saudi oh sure they're our allies Arabia.
For those who don't remember Idi, or Dada as he liked to be called, he overthrew then-Ugandan President Milton Obote in 1971, while Obote was on vacation.
Dada declared himself President for life, then he awarded himself a chest full of medals and started in to work.
What followed was an 8-year reign of terror that included up to 500,000 random murders, playing footsie with Palestinian terrorists, challenging other African leaders to boxing matches and other buffoonery.
His victims' bodies were dumped into the Nile because graves couldn't be dug fast enough. At one point, so many bodies were fed to crocodiles that the remains occasionally clogged intake ducts at Uganda's main hydroelectric plant at Jinja.
Obote once called Amin, "the greatest brute an African mother has ever brought to life." President Jimmy Carter said events in Uganda during Amin's rule "disgusted the entire civilized world."
Dada's famous quotes included:
"Hitler was right to burn six million Jews,''
"If they ask me, I'll become the king of Scotland."
He also wrote to Richard Nixon, wishing him "a speedy recovery'' from Watergate.
Amin leaves behind 30 children and four wives. His hobbies included playing the accordion, fishing and reciting from the Koran.
Our allies, the Saudi government paid for his extravagant exile for the last 23 years.
Rest in peace, mo fo.

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