Thursday, August 07, 2003

Puzzling Events

This morning I learned that a woman very special to me had collapsed during a morning meeting and was rushed to the hospital, where she's being treated for a broken wrist, a conk on the head and dehydration.
She is not local, nor is she accessible by phone, so I am planning to just stand by and worry like a Jewish mother.
Then I went to Willie's House of Pain at 2 p.m. and found my trainer Willie dressed in street clothes, looking a little dazed. Seems his wife, Mrs. Jett, was rushed to the hospital this morning with something that could be as simple as a virus or as serious as a stroke.
That sad news hardly allowed me to rejoice at not having to work out today.
Anyway, I believe in the spiritual power of group consciousness, so if y'all will help send some healing light to these two lovely ladies, I'd appreciate it.
And be careful. These things run in threes.

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