Tuesday, August 26, 2003

A Fast War?
Like I Said Before the War:

From the Associated Press:
"...the number of American troops killed in postwar Iraq surpassed the toll of those killed in major combat, reaching 140 with the deaths of a soldier in a roadside bombing and another in a traffic accident.
When President Bush declared an end to major combat on May 1, the U.S. death toll stood at 138. Since then, 140 more soldiers have died, counting both deaths announced Tuesday. The total number of U.S. soldiers killed since the Iraq war began on March 20 is 278."

How many more Americans deaths will that pinhead in the Oval Office allow before he realizes he got us in over our heads in Iraq and he squandered far too many American lives in the process?
I see absolutely no gain from the Iraqi war, and even less postwar.
Bush is spending more than $5 billion of our tax dollars per month in Iraq, and for what?
Do we feel safer?
Is it helping the economy?
Is peace spreading over the Middle East?
Where's Saddam? Where's Bin Laden?
Does anyone in their right mind still think Bush knows what he's doing?

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