Tuesday, August 26, 2003

He Can't Even Give Texans Affordable Gasoline

Well, gas prices have now risen faster than they have in the last 50 years.
Back when Jimmy Carter was president, we endured some really high gas prices.
I remember flipping when I saw the gas station sign read 79.9¢ per gallon of regular unleaded.
Jimmy took the blame.
Outrageous gas prices really helped his opponents make a case for his inability to juggle the economy in a consumer friendly manner.
With current record breaking gas prices, the GOP machine has already started pointing fingers at the blackout and some leaky pipes in New Mexico or Arizona or some God forsaken place for causing prices to go through the roof.
I say bullshit.
Jimmy Carter tried to get us to face the truth about our debts spinning out of control. His Spartan economic policies scared people and the economy suffered.
As a result, he was not reelected and some still consider him one of the most miserable mismanagers of the economy in presidential history.
Well, guess what?
When the economy starts to get really screwed up like the current economy is, the incumbent president usually ends up getting tossed out on his ass.
When I fill the tank of my energy efficient car for $27 and it cost only $17 a few months ago, someone's got to take the blame.
We don't care if a blackout or a leaky pipe in Arizona caused gas prices to rise.
When we Texans have to carefully consider exercising our inalienable, fundamental rights to take long roadtrips because of soaring gas prices, something is terribly wrong.
All we know is, it happened on Dubya's watch and like Carter, that no-account, clueless, inflation causing sumbitch has got to go.

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