Sunday, August 03, 2003

The Secret Diary of Pu-Say Hussein
Saddam's Unusual Daughter

My sadness is great. Not because my sisters have left the country, may Allah remove their excess facial hair but because my father, may Allah get it over with and kill his nasty personage has snuck back to the palace and demanded my help.
Now that the evil american georgebush empire has distributed pictures of my father wearing different hair and mustache styles, may Allah cause elephantiasis in his shriveled scrotum, he has demanded I sew for him a burqa and turn him into a woman.
He said he admires evil american georgebush actress Joan Collins and wants to look like her. I asked him, "Father, perhaps you meant Joan Crawford?" and he smote me with his sidearm and said, "No you stupid woman camel vagina I mean Joan Collins and I want shoulder pads, too."
Even as a woman he is a very bad, bad man may Allah give me the 25 million in evil american georgebush reward dollars.
Luckily I have satellite TV and observe commercials. I shall call 1-800 CALL ATT and tell it to the evil american georgebush CIA.

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