Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Can He Get Any Stupider?

Shelley sent me this from The Onion:

Bush Calls Incumbency Key Issue Of Campaign

WASHINGTON, DC-At a campaign dinner Monday, President Bush identified incumbency as the key issue in the upcoming presidential election.
"Look at my opponent's record on incumbency," Bush said.
"John Kerry is not the president at this time. That's an indisputable matter of public record."
Bush added that the American public should seriously consider whether it wants to risk electing a president who has no experience heading a nation, has never resided in the White House, and does not have even one State Of The Union address under his belt..."

Oy vey.
There comes a time when someone makes so many ludicrous statements, it's hard to come up with new ways to say how fucking stupid he is.
Ordinarily, I'd think this was made-up, but I have heard Bush speak too many times and it sounds exactly like his brand of extemporaneous speech.
It may be sniveling to take offense just because Bush doesn't realize that the word incumbency simply means "in office," but these kind of moronic proclamations just irk me.
Why? Because people don't connect dimwitted remarks like this with a general lack of intelligence, and they let it go without challenge, like it doesn't matter.
I expect the leader of the free world to be intelligent. Is that asking too much?

Just after I read his damn fool remarks, my mail came.
In it was a well written plea from John Kerry for a campaign donation.
I read it, then wrote out a check immediately.
My heart can't take four more years of this Bush indumbency.

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