Tuesday, March 02, 2004

The GOP's Gay Spin: Brain Candy for the Terminally Ignorant

If I hear this one more time, I am going to regrow my ovaries just so I can go on a PMS bitch-slapping spree. I'm talking about people who say, "Well, if we allow gay marriage, what's next, polygamy, marriage to animals, adults marrying kids?"

Attention, you stupid fucks: Two American adults, who pay the same taxes as other American adults, should have a right to identical freedoms and rights. The same stupid types of arguments were used back in the 50's and 60's, when people were voicing contempt for the legality of interracial marriages. "Well, if negras marry whites, they'll have babies and we won't know which-a-way they are."

So? Why does the melting pot of the world need racial purity? Are we Nazis, or what? They said these things, not even considering how backwoods ignorant it made them sound. Polygamy aside for the moment, these people today are so stupid and insensitive they equate homosexuality with perversions like bestiality and pedophilia. It hasn't occurred to them that homosexuality was removed from the perversion shitlist decades ago. They need to catch up with cultural evolution, and stop flaunting their ignorance. And they most certainly need to keep Jesus out of it. As for polygamy, I am neither for it nor against it. It's simply none of my business. Unlike these homophobic dimwits, I don't feel God gave me the right to condemn every adult social situation to which I am not a party. Sure, I have prejudices. I don't think bigoted people should be allowed to breed, for instance. But that doesn't mean I am going to demand a constitutionally mandated sensitivity test to keep the Bubbas of the world from knocking up the Bubbettes.

You know, as a lesbian for more than 30 years, I try to stay current on gay and lesbian issues. I don't recall same sex marriage being such a big issue until recently. You know why? Because I believe the GOP has nurtured a tiny seed of a concept into a huge, poisonous Bushy growth to deflect attention from the miserable mess Dubya has made of the country. By stirring up the narrow minded dimwits and right-wing religious zealots of the country, the GOP is trying to make this a one-issue election, all about uppity queers wanting to get married. The trouble is, there exists a plethora of ignoramus descendants of the opponents of interracial marriage that still buy the idea that discrimination is some kind of divine right. It's not. I don't want to marry a horse. I don't want to marry a little girl. But if I want to legally marry my tax paying, home owning, college educated, law abiding girlfriend, that's nobody's business but ours. Next time you hear that polygamy/beastiality/pedophilia reference, take offense. Say something to educate the ignorant. Be rude if you must. They certainly are, and subtlety is lost on them. Just because we have a dimwit running the country doesn't mean we have to continue to allow his handlers to spread their brand of hatred, discrimination and ignorance like horse manure.

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