Monday, March 01, 2004

Feeling Vindicated

Whew. Since the Bush debacle began with its stolen election, I have considered it my mission to report on his every lie, regressive policy and instance of corrupt, totalitarian bullshit perpetrated against the American people by this administration.
I have made some outlandish predictions. Most have come true.
· I said there were no WMD's. There weren't.
· I said defying the UN and forcing American troops into war with Iraq would lose us our global sympathy over 9/11 and cast America into the role of war mongering aggressors. I was right.
· I said this war wouldn't be quick or cheap. It's still going on.
· I said the American troops wouldn't be greeted by adoring throngs of Iraqis who consider us liberators. They weren't.
· I said Iraq had nothing to do with the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Other than siding with their Islamic, terrorist brethren against the Christian-based USA, they didn't.
· I said Bush was stupid. He is.
· I said Bush was a puppet for the wealthiest big business interests, with multi millionaire handlers whose sole mission was to get wealthier at tax payer expense. I was right.
· I said the GOP would make gays and lesbians their main campaign issue, turning us into scapegoats to deflect the focus off their criminal, regressive regime. I was right.

I feel vindicated when I read recent headlines from legitimate news and editorial sources around the country. Just the headlines tell enough of the story to give an indication of how many ways Bush and his crooked cronies have been screwing us.

» The Government Has Taken $1.8 Trillion Of Our Social Security Money
» Bush Land Mine Policy Is Wrong
» Bush Vulnerable on Domestic Issues
» Bush's strongest campaigner: Nader
» Bush Ed. Sec. Using Terrorism To Attack Teachers Shows Contempt For Ed Policy Dissent
» Sensitive Wildlife Habitats Auctioned to Bush Contributors, Environmentalists Say
» Bush policy seen as hindrance to scientific advancement
» Critics fault Bush plan to allow 'smart' mines
» Bush hit over bioethics panel shift favoring religious fundamentalist
» Culture war: A step too far for Bush
» The Culture War Is Widening
» The Gay Rights Movement Has Become More Pragmatic. Is That Bad?
» Jesus Would Be Upset Over Divorce, Not Gay Marriage
» Kerry/Edwards ticket leads Bush/Cheney 50%-42% in CBS News poll
» Black Voters Align With Democrats Against Bush
» Bush Plans For Public Land Subject of Data Inquiry by Evironmentalists
» GOP seeks to press wedge issues in South
» Bush turns deaf ear to hearing-impaired (letter)
» Bush pours money into anti-drug plan, backs random testing in schools
» Bush deploys troops to Haiti amidst questions of US role in uprising
» Jobs Are #1 Concern for State Voters
» Bush Administration Pushes Increased Gas Production on Migratory Fields
» South Dakota Seeks Confrontation on Roe v. Wade
» A visit to Planet Rumsfeld
» Doubts on case for war may bring flood of claims
» America intensifies hunt for Bin Laden
» Hubble Should Not Be Sacrificed For Bush's Politicized 'Wishful Thinking'
» Disturbing Evidence That Electronic Voting Vulnerable To Electoral Mischief
» Bush Acts As Though 9/11 Is His And It's None Of Our Business
» Bush Replaces Bioethicists with Christian Fundamentalists
» Bush Web bio still inflates his sketchy National Guard service
» Bush Budget Would Create Spike in Deficit in 2010
» Bush Uncovered
» Behind every Bush there's a scandal
» Diebold, electronic voting and the vast right-wing conspiracy
» Bush goes back on landmine pledge
» Pygmalion, Neocon-Style
» Commander, USFI?
» 'Marriage, gay or straight, helps society achieve [its] goal.'
» Like Past U.S. Civil Rights Movements, Gays Will Face A Conservative Backlash
» Conservative Argument Against Gay Marriage Would Force Us To Roll Back Civil Rights For Women, Blacks
» Gay marriage: Another useless Bush battle
» California's Supreme Court refuses request to halt gay weddings
» S.F. weddings to continue
» O'Donnell inspires other artists
» Just Married, After 51 Years Together
» Gays Are Watching The Bush Bigotry Train Pull Up To Their Stop
» Court:No quick halt of gay marriages
» Mayor weds 21 gay couples in N.Y.
» Marriage amendment must be defeated
» Analysis: Bush's gay marriage gamble could turn ugly
» Bush, GOP Unable To Take Credit For Medicare Drug Program As Discontent Spreads
» U.S. will not join the 150 nations that signed an anti-land mine treaty
» Scalia Recusal Overdue
» BushCo really hates this planet
» 9/11 probe is a new terror
» Medical 'conscience' bill is a woman's nightmare
» Spying at UN brings no shame

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