Monday, March 22, 2004

A Coalition of the Gullible?

Reading all the headlines over the weekend makes me realize one thing.
If anyone is still supporting Bush at this stage, they may be too gullible to reason with.
If any American feels safer now that Bush and his criminal handlers have had more than three years to monkey with our national security, they may just be too stupid to get it.

Remember when I said once former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill came out of the Bush closet to say what a crooked clown Bush was, more GOP defectors would follow?
They have.

Former top U.S. anti terrorism advisor Richard Clarke went on "60 Minutes" Sunday (and all over the media before and after then) to tell us Bush ignored terror threats that led to 9/11.
Clarke said Sunday on "60 Minutes" that soon after the attacks, Bush demanded to know whether Iraq was behind them. When Clarke told him intelligence found no link, "He came back at me and said: 'Iraq! Saddam! Find out if there's a connection.' And in a very intimidating way."
After experts concluded again that Saddam Hussein played no role, Clarke
said, his memo "got bounced and sent back saying, 'Wrong answer. Do it again.' "
As early as Sept. 12, 2001, Clarke says, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld urged bombing Iraq despite repeated assurances from intelligence officials that the threat emanated from Afghanistan.
"Rumsfeld said there aren't any good targets in Afghanistan. And there are lots of good targets in Iraq," Clarke said on Sunday's "60 Minutes."
"I said, 'Well, there are lots of good targets in lots of places, but Iraq had nothing to do with it.' "
The White House defended the consideration of a potential Iraq link. "Given Iraq's past support of terror it would have been irresponsible not to ask if Iraq had any involvement in the attack," it said.
Clarke has served under every president since Ronald Reagan. He quit the White House in January 2003 after he was demoted to a sub-Cabinet job.
He's written a new book on the Bush clan's inepitutude and their private agendas regarding our nation's security, led, "Against All Enemies," set to hit the stands today.
Clarke summed it all up in this quote:
"I find it outrageous that the President is running for re-election on the grounds that he's done such great things about terrorism. He ignored it."

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