Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Hail to the Chief: President John Kerry

The good news this morning, in an AOL poll, if the election were held today 63% said they'd vote for John Kerry.
I like Kerry just fine. He's got my endorsement. Now we have to face an onslaught of slick, mega-million dollar Bush ads.
I'd hate like hell to work at the ad agency trying to make that crooked bastard look good.
Let's guess what his ads will be like. Then let's debunk them.

1. Kerry is anti defense spending and anti war.
The debunk: Bush is pro OFFENSE spending and pro WAR. If he wasn't so eager to start a war with Iraq, we'd be better off today in defense terms. That war was and remains senseless, ill-planned and hasn't accomplished a damn thing in terms of diffusing terrorist threats. The only ones who have gained from that war are the rich, white men who manipulate Bush into doing their bidding.
2. Kerry is a tax and spend liberal.
The debunk: At least he's not about giving huge tax rebates to the rich while spending everything we have, and beyond. If Democrats can leave office with a budget surplus, call them whatever you like. A surplus beats a multi trillion dollar deficit any day.
3. Kerry is pro queer.
The debunk: Fuck you, Bush. Using gays to bait terminally intolerant, homophobic voters is chicken shit. You have no accomplishments to showcase, so you appeal to the lowest denominator for votes. It's weak.
4. Kerry was chummy with Jane Fonda.
The debunk: First, no he wasn't. Second, even Vietnam-era Defense Secretary Robert McNamera came out and said a few years ago the Vietnam war was a bad idea. Third, Kerry served with honor. He had the right to oppose the war, he was there.
5. Bush was a strong leader during 9/11.
The debunk: A chimp could have waved the flag and shook his fist in the air like Bush did. The entire world mourned with us- anyone who led the nation at that time would have garnered sympathy and support.
But where the hell is Bin Laden? Why are we now so hated internationally? How could anyone go from world sympathy to world animosity in such a short time?
6. Under Bush, the nation's rampant unemployment rate is improving. So is the economy.
The debunk: Burger flipping is not a manufacturing job, you big, fat GOP liars. Tapping into Social Security is a BAD idea. So is planning a trip to Mars.
As long as we are running deficits in the trillions, let's face it, the economy is in a state of disaster.
7. Bush cares about children and the elderly.
The debunk: Education funds were slashed for kids. Affordable prescription medications for the elderly? A total joke.
Bush cares about only one segment of America: the rich.

I could go on, but why? Bush has ZERO to brag about.
His foreign policy is the worst in American history.
His domestic and economic policies have been abysmal.
He lies. His people lie. He's even worse than his one-term father.
He's been the worst president in history. He's not just an embarrassment to America, he's a danger to it.

This isn't a time to pussyfoot around.
Send money to the Democratic National Committee.

We have to get rid of Bush before he destroys our country.

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