Saturday, March 13, 2004

So Many Thorns on the Bush

Gee, I wanted to Blog about something other than Bush today, but after reading headlines from around the nation, there were just too many ripe peaches to harvest.

1. The Bush campaign has about five times more money than John Kerry's campaign to spend on TV ads.
Anti-Bush groups like are running ads independent of the Kerry campaign, but the FCC is trying to muzzle them.
The FCC has mandated that Kerry's staff are not allowed to participate in planning ads produced by other organizations, so there is no violation of Federal Election rules.
Wait. Why would the nonpartisan FCC try to silence concerned citizens groups who wish to run paid political ads not favorable to one particular candidate?
Hint: The FCC is headed by Colin Powell's son.
2. Bush wanted to address the issue of rampant unemployment plaguing America, so with great fanfare last Labor Day, he appointed a "job czar" to the Commerce Department.
He chose Nebraska businessman Anthony Raimondo, who it turns out fired 75 of his workers two years ago and has plans underway to open a $3 million factory in China.
Once again, Bush has his finger on the pulse of the right thing to do, then does the opposite. I wish for once he'd take the nation's pulse non-rectally.
3. Ever the environmentalists, The Bush administration FY2005 budget released on Monday, Feb. 2, cuts spending on environmental projects by $1.9 billion compared with FY2004 spending. Those tax cuts for the wealthy have to come from
somewhere, I guess.
4. The government's top specialist on Medicare costs told colleagues he was warned that he would be fired if he told key lawmakers about a series of Bush administration cost estimates that could have torpedoed congressional passage of the White House-backed Medicare prescription-drug plan.
What? You mean a government employee who has facts that don't support Bush fiction gets threatened if he rocks the boat? We should tell former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill about that!
5. Just as I predicted, several GOP senators and members of congress are starting to poke their heads out of the sand and publicly question some of the Bush policies. The smartest ones know they must gain distance from Bush as quickly as they can, lest they lose all credibility with their constituents.
It's getting clear-the GOP's candidate, like his Daddy, will end up being a one-term fizzle.
6. The gay political organization called the Log Cabin Republicans are starting to question whether to withdraw support from Bush, the commander in chief of gay bashing.
Sheesh. They have to be a bit slow by being Republicans to begin with, so being slow to pull their support is just par for the course.
Still, welcome back to reality, you silly queens.

And now, some good news:

By Glen Johnson, Boston Globe:
WASHINGTON -- John F. Kerry, for years branded a loner in the Senate, was embraced with a standing ovation yesterday when he returned to the chamber's weekly meeting of Democratic members for the first time since the Massachusetts senator emerged as the party's presumptive presidential nominee...
...During the meeting of Senate Democrats, Kerry was introduced by Kennedy and Senate minority leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota. Later, New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has been mentioned as a possible presidential contender in 2008, was unreserved in her support.
"I think he is communicating effectively and he has a lot to say, and the American people are starting to question these very simple, kind of peremptory remarks that come out of the president that often are not accurate, often don't respond to the issue at hand," she said. "I think they appreciate somebody of Senator Kerry's intelligence and knowledge explaining issues and pointing out how things do work."

Yep. The Democrats have started getting it together earlier in this race than ever before in campaign history.
Bush lied about Kerry's Senate record in his latest campaign ad.
Kerry's campaign produced an immediate response ad, where Senator Kerry dished it right back to him, with resoundingly gleeful support from the public.
The gloves are off, and Kerry seems to have the bigger fists.
Bush is starting to behave exactly like the animal he most resembles, a cornered rat.

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