Thursday, March 04, 2004

To Hell With Bush- It's Survivor Time!

As many of my readers know, my browser is all but extinct and my iMac operating system and AOL version are hopelessly outdated. Done with procrastinating, I have finally ordered a big chunk of new memory, and sensing that, my little computer is acting like a swayback horse in a dust storm with a stone in her shoe. Still, I've slogged through as many Survivor links as I could to find inspiration in picking tonight's boot-ees.

Last week, the Sorebooger tribe was dissolved and its members were merged into the Chappa-my Ass and Slo-Mo Faggo tribes. The head of the Slo-Mos, gay Dick Hatch, was booted. Good. I'd had enough of seeing his fuzzed out genitalia and clearly visible woman hips. Gay brother, schmay brother, that swishy old faggot had to go!

So, we now have:
Chappa-My-Ass Tribe:
Amber "I wanna screw Boston Rob" Brkich (Australian Outback)
Big Tom "stinky goat farmer" Buchanan (Africa)
Alicia "Brickhouse" Calaway (Outback)
Susan "Truckdriving Bitch" Hawk (Borneo)
Boston "Boner for Amber" Rob Mariano (Marquesas)
Rupert "My edge is gone" Boneham (Pearl Islands)
and Jenna "I am bland" Lewis (Pulau Tiga).
Slo-Mo Faggo Tribe:
Colby "Schick Quattro" Donaldson (Outback)
Shii Ann "Treacherous Crouching Tiger" Huang (Thailand)
Lex "Lithium" van den Berghe (Africa)
Kathy "dubiously gay" Vavrick-O'Brien (Marquesas)
Sly Ethan Zohn (Africa winner)
Jerri "Suck the chrome off a trailer hitch" Manthey (Outback)

Logic would dictate the booting of Sue Hawk from Chappa My Ass and Jerri from Slo-Mo Faggo. Alas, this game is not at all logical.
Ethan is the only remaining millionaire winner in the game, so I pick him to go next if Slo-Mo loses immunity.
If Chappa My Ass loses immunity, what the hell, I still pick Sue Hawk just because she peed on that raft. A gal just doesn't pee on a communal raft, it's uncivilized.
Your picks?

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