Monday, March 15, 2004

The Sucking Abyss of the Campaign News

I've almost reached the saturation level.
Trying to keep track of all the Bush lies and crooked deals is like juggling ever increasing balls.
In a way, I am glad Texas isn't running a bunch of Bush ads.
I am afraid that seeing his smirking face blaming everything on everyone but himself, then patting himself on the back for his strong leadership would make me want to shoot the screen out of my TV.
Eclair and I ate at Benihana on Saturday night.
We sat at the communal hibachi table with a nice family consisting of two Baby Boomer parents, their grown kids and their dates. None were big Bush fans, but I still felt compelled to mention at least a few of his more glaring
Eclair actually dug her fingernails into my leg when I got on a roll about the idiot. Bolstered by a Tanqueray martini and a snootful of sake, I forged on, undaunted.
Alas, dishing Bush nowadays ends up like preaching to the choir.
On Sunday, I met Eclair's sister, the family matriarch. She too loathes Bush, so we hit it off very nicely.

We all know by now that a train station in Spain got hit hard by Al Qaida terrorists.
We Americans can empathize with our hearts filled with sadness, but it looks to most everyone like Spain got hit because they were one of the few European nations Bush was able to bully or bribe into joining "the coalition of the willing," and commit troops to Iraq.
Reacting with outrage and fear, the Spanish voters ousted their conservative, Bush kissing prime minister and elected Socialist Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, who has pledged to get their troops out of Iraq, unless the UN takes over muy pronto.
That leaves a coalition of the willing made up of a couple of Polish dudes and a handful of guys from countries nobody's even heard of.

Condaleezza Rice was on Meet the Press yesterday.
How anyone that poised and articulate can spew forth such spin-doctored gibberish with such conviction is stupefying. I bet she has 666 birthmarked on her scalp under that processed hairdo she sports.
She was among the scant handful of women Bush mentioned in his little speech for International Women's Week.
The first woman he praised was Fathi Jahmi, a Libyan government worker who'd been jailed for advocating freedom of speech and democracy in Libya.
Alas, turns out Fathi Jahmi is a man.
Bush and his speechwriters don't even bother to try to get it right anymore.
They throw out any half-assed statements they want, hoping their luck holds out and nobody confronts them.
It's kind of like playing cards with a little kid. You let them cheat without mentioning it and even allow them to win, but eventually it becomes too tedious to tolerate, and you end up just wanting to slap the shit out of them.

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