Thursday, March 11, 2004

Survivor: Snipes and Picks!

If the ChapMyAss tribe were smart they'd vote off that lippy little Alpha male, Boston Terrier Rob.
Alas, they are not smart. If they were, Boston Rob would have been back in Beantown hanging sheetrock by the third episode.
Remaining Chappers are:
Amber, Big Tom, Alicia, Boston Rob, Rupert and Jenna.
If we lived in a fair world, Bush and Cheney would be in prison taking it up the ass, and Alicia and her amazingly sexy body would win just so we could oogle her every week until the end.
But it's an unfair world. Sayonara, Alicia. Love your upper arms.
Alternate loser: Jenna. Just because.

The NoMo Faggo Tribe still has:
Colby, Shii Ann, Lex, Kathy, Ethan and Jerri.
Ethan is the last remaining million dollar winner, so he is automatically on thin ice. I don't see him bringing in much fish or winning all the challenges, but I do see a big target on his back.
But then again, that trampy Jerri is starting to piss off the other No Mo Faggo women, so she is my alternate choice for getting the boot.

Seeing Colby last night on "Curb Your Enthusiasm," trying to convince a Holocaust survivor that he had it so much tougher as a TV Survivor was so tastelessly funny, I just stared at the TV with my jaw dropped.
I think Ethan, being a Jew and all, may have been a good choice for the Colby role as well.
Larry David has to be one of the funniest men on earth, writing bits like that.

Okay kids, make your picks.

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