Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Electronic Voting: I Vote No

Oh, come on, a moron could see through this Republican ruse.
First of all, voting by personal computer is wrong because without a paper trail, it's too easy to rig. Let's not let Bush steal another election.
But most importantly, computer voting is like the poll tax of yesteryear, designed to make it easy for the rich to sit on their fat asses in their studys and click a mouse, while the old black lady in the inner city has to get on two buses in the rain to get to her polling place and vote.
Unless everyone in America has an Internet connection and a PC by which to vote, it's inherently unfair.
Sure, it would be more convenient for me to vote online, but I have started to force myself to consider the rights of people who aren't just like me.
I have sat dormant too long, not doing anything about discrimination other than saying I am against it.
The rights of children, the elderly, the disabled, minorities, veterans, environmentalists, poor people, teachers, students, the unemployed and so on are just as threatened by the current administration as my queer, woman rights are.
There us a cultural war on, the rich, white GOP against the rest of us.
They have an edge, using fear tactics and faux patriotism to lure non-rich, foolish voters like certain Bloggers whom I won't name.
Next Tuesday, I hope to attend the precinct meeting that evening and voice my opposition to electronic voting. I invite you all to do the same when you vote in your state's Democratic primary.
Every day until November 7 will be a battle.
We have to win this war.
Let's begin by refusing to allow electronic voting. It's un-American.

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