Sunday, March 06, 2005

Circumventing the System

A court ordered gag order prohibits The Tonight Show's Host Jay Leno from further wisecracking in his opening monologues about Michael Jackson, so Leno hired actor Brad Garrett as a comedian surrogate to tell his Michael Jackson jokes for him.
Good for him.
These days, I applaud anyone who makes an effort to get around the kind of stifling censorship inspired by Ventriloquist Karl Rove and his wacky dummy George W.
Here's one of the jokes Leno wrote that Garrett delivered:
"They said this trial will probably last six months, although Michael Jackson asked for some time off to entertain the troops. OK, they're Cub Scout troops, but they're still troops."
Wow. I'll bet Michael Jackson had to down a couple of Diet Coke cans filled with Jesus Juice to get over that zinger.
But the judge is right- we mustn't abridge a billionaire "alleged" pedophile's right to a fair trial.
Huh. Calling Michael Jackson an "alleged pedophile" is like calling George W. Bush an "alleged dimwit."

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