Friday, March 11, 2005

The Reality TV Trifecta

Last night, everything went as it should on every show produced by Mark Burnett.
On Survivor, that shiftless, lazy, no-account Kim got the boot. In the immunity challenge, the redneck got his ass kicked twice by the homosexual. All was well.
On The Apprentice, that sexist, blabbermouth, asshole John got the boot. Young Chris showed some guts in the boardroom, hunkering down and arguing with the grown-ups when his ass was on the line.
Afterwards, NBC aired Burnett's newest show, The Contender, which usually airs on Sunday night.
I wasn't sold on the concept but I watched it and loved it. It's about boxing, a sport I find curiously appealing for reasons I cannot explain. The show ends in a 5-round boxing match between characters that are (so far) easy to love and root for. I must have had tears well up in my eyes at least five times during the show, which for me equals a program worth watching.
Has anyone watched The Contender? What's your take on it?

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