Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The L Word Foreshadowing

Oh, I get it.
Tina was last seen busily writing a grant proposal to help children.
Helena Peabody is the new, lesbian head of the Peabody Foundation, which prior to Helena had been funding lots of arts grants-especially to the California Arts Center, which Bette heads.
Helena and Bette didn't exactly hit it off in New York, in fact Helena blew Bette off when her kids arrived at her office. Helena said she preferred to fund social programs rather than arts programs.
So Tina applies to the Peabody Foundation, Helena flies out to meet her, finds her pregnant and lesbian, falls in immediate love, then Bette runs into them and >>BAM<<.
That explains why Helena appears in The L Word poster this season.
How conveeeenient.

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