Thursday, March 10, 2005

Good-bye, Dan Rather

As we know, some nasty, right-wing con artists transferred facts about George W. Bush's draft dodging from real documents to phony ones and fobbed them off on CBS.
The content of the documents was never disputed- Bush was a cowardly draft dodger who used his daddy's influence to avoid even the cushy, National Guard duty he was given.
By providing CBS forged documents that contained scathingly true facts about Bush's military records, the forgeries became the story, and once again that scoundrel escaped media scrutiny and accountability.
Dan Rather took the fall for the caper, and last night he fell on the sword.
The same venomous spin doctors who've branded a veteran journalist like Rather a hack created a strong, resolute hero out of a spoiled, drug and alcohol addled frat boy with an overblown sense of entitlement and a low IQ.

Paybacks, however, can be a bitch.
I look forward to Rather's tell-all book about Bush– which is surely on the drawing board by now.
Bush and his sniveling puppetmasters may have won the battle, but an unfettered, angry Dan Rather might well win the war.
Go get 'em, Dan.

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