Thursday, March 03, 2005

Survivor Tonight!

Rumor has it, Ashlee wasn't booted last week because the tribe hated her, she asked to go home and the producers made it seem like a legit boot to save face.
So far, quitters have included Osten the black Adonis/pussy; Sue, the truckdrivin' mama who quit the All-stars after Dick Hatch rubbed his Richard against her; and All-star Jenna Morasca- who sensed her dying mother was dying and ran back home days before her death.
If they recruited fewer model/actor wannabes and more Ruperts and Sandras who'd bite the head off a snake to win, there'd be less of this weinerization.
Look for some shark eatin' tonight.
Watch Kim and Jeff suck face while Deliverance extra James alternates between voyeuristic jacking off and whining about their juicy alliance. So exhausted from their nocturnal (e)missions, K&J aren't doing their fair share of chores. Bitching ensues.
Watch Katie and Caryn square off in a classic bitchfest, with the bossy lawyer (Caryn) getting a faceful of Katie's "you are not the boss of me" diatribe.
While Jeff takes a break from fondling Kim's ass, he hurts his foot and can't compete well in the immunity challenge. Ruh ro.
Meanwhile, our favorite SuperFreak Angie continues to kick ass.

Reward: Ulong
Immunity: Koror
Booted: Jeff

Your picks?

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