Sunday, March 20, 2005

Ouch! Damn it!

Last week, I saw a report on which fast food restaurants were cleanest and dirtiest.
To my shock, Jack in the Box was #1 in great health reports across the nation.
I guess the botulism scandal from years ago must have gotten them in gear. I haven't been to a JITB but maybe once since then. The idea of tainted meat always turned my stomach too much to go near the place.
But, with their #1 rating in mind, I saw an appetizing JITB ad for their ciabatta burger this afternoon and decided to go for it.
I don't eat much fast food, but when I do I usually order the smallest burger they have.
This time I ordered the big ciabatta burger.
My belly now looks like I am six months pregnant and I feel kind of woozy.
I had to cut it in half to get a grip on it. I could have split it three ways but there was nobody here, so I ate the whole damn thing.
Never again, even though it was pretty tasty. No wonder Americans are so damn fat.

My stationary bike is calling out to me. She says I owe her odometer 10 miles.

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