Thursday, March 31, 2005

Survivor Tonight

Ho hum.
Ulong is now down to just three people- Bobby-Billy-Jon-Jack, Stephenie and Ibrehem.
Koror, meanwhile, has now opened a seafood restaurant, with shark on tonight's menu.
Bolstered by ingesting huge slabs of grilled protein, take a wild guess who'll win the reward challenge?
Koror gets a pile of MRE's dropped from an airplane as their treat, I heard. Yum, more selections for their seafood restaurant's menu.
So who will win immunity?
Koror wins again.
Knowing as we do that Ibe has made some sort of pact with the devil that allows him to stay week after week, the boot goes to Bobby Jon. Why? Because Ulong votes off their strongest people first, proving for the last seven weeks that "Pulau" in English means, "stupid ass ulong.
I don't even know who to root for anymore.
Your picks?

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