Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I Think It's Intentional

More and more, I am convinced that George W. Bush is an agent of some hostile foreign nation, planted to fuck up our nation's reputation as much as he can within the next four years.
Case in point, his nominee to be our next United Nations representative, John Bolton.
Bolton is a Jesse Helms protege, whose basic philosophy about America's role on the global stage is this: "We are better than all of you, so go fuck yourselves."
Want to know more about this arrogant clown?
See for yourself!

If Bush was sincere about wanting to mend global fences after his first reign of international faux pas, slights, arrogance and bluster- he's sure as hell not showing it by trying to foist off this Bolton character on the UN.

We'd be better off with Michael Bolton as the nominee.

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