Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I tried to post this yesterday- Blogspot wasn't cooperating.

The L Word- Pretty Ridiculous This Time

Did anyone see the latest installment? Not their best episode this time.
1. Please, no more pregnant nipple love scenes. Ugh.
2. Plot Prediction: Helena wants to have Tina's baby but not in an, "I want to have your baby" way, I mean she wants to get involved with Tina long enough to steal her baby and keep it for her own, then dump Tina.
3. Someone please shoot Sandra Heartburn and wing Jenny in the process. And Jenny, please get a real job and confine your shitty writing to a little pink gingham journal.
4. Tonya and Melissa Rivers? Yeecch! Perfect couple. Now, both you wannabes scram and leave us in peace.
5. Hey T.O.E. guru, you wife-cheating-on, fat bastard. First, it's pronounced VULnerable, not VUNerable and second, a fat black dude who can't pronounce motivational action words wouldn't last a day in image-conscious L.A.
Go on witcher bad self, Bozo, and leave Kit alone.
6. Plot prediction: Dana and Alice will become the new committed normal couple now that Tina and Bette have both flipped out and gone in different directions.
7. Bette, give it up, move on and have some fun while you're still sorta cute and have a job. Smile more and try to control others less.
8. Plot prediction: Shane falls in love with Jenny? Oh, my.
And would someone please send them both to peer into the windows of the garage apartment, observe the vast array of video equipment and put 2 and 2 together? Stupid asses.
9. Did I mention not wanting to see Tina's giant, pregnant belly or engorged, lactating nipples in a sexual context ever again? Jeeze.
10. Someone please tell Carmen to leave the series, give up acting, move to Texas and marry me. I'll be good to you, Papi. Jenny might be a flake but she has the best taste in women, eh?

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