Thursday, March 17, 2005

Happy St. Patrick's Day

There was a time I'd take a day like this and turn it into a night of drunkenness- up to and including drinking traditional, disgusting green beer between shots of Jamieson's Irish whisky.
In San Antonio, they dye the San Antonio River green on St. Patrick's Day. I especially like that the river is green to begin with, so you can't tell a bit of difference.
San Antonio is a drinking, partying town, so St. Patrick's Day is just one more excuse to go to excess.
They even advertise a St. Paddy's Day pub crawl near the Riverwalk, so people can stagger from bar to bar before they get in their cars to drive home.
First it's Pat O'Brien's, then to Durty Nelly's Irish Pub, then to Swig Martini Bar, then over to Polyester's, then to Mad Dog's Pub.
If that's not enough, they advertise drink specials all over town. Buy a beer for a buck at Sanchez Ice House. Buy it for $3 a pint at the Blue Star. The Blanco tavern sells mixed drinks for 2 bucks.
Why, even Jacala, the famous Mexican restaurant near my house, is selling giant schooners of green beer and green margaritas for two bucks each.
I'm not into drinking a lot this St. Patrick's Day.
Instead, I plan make a nice corned beef roast, some red potatoes and a little coleslaw (just so we can say we had cabbage). My big brother is coming to town to help me do some household electrical work, so we won't be slugging down beer between whisky shots while we mess with hot wires.
Unless my sister comes over- then all bets are off.

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