Thursday, March 10, 2005

Michael Jackson: Beyond Insane?

Hoo boy. Today in the Michael Jackson pedophilia trial, his accuser took the stand for his first full day of testimony.
Jackson showed up late for court, hair uncombed, no makeup, limping in wearing bright blue, patterned pajama bottoms with his little coat and tie. His lawyer claimed he had an intense backache and said he was late because he was at the hospital.
A few days ago, he was at the hospital ER for "flu-like symptoms."
An elderly lady who was in the ER complaining of heart pains the same time Jackson arrived was shuttled to another, smaller exam room and abandoned momentarily while the staff fussed over Jackson's alleged sniffles. The lady died and her family is suing the hospital for neglect.
In past courtroom appearances, Jackson has used crutches to assist him in walking after an alleged spider bite, and has called in sick because of debilitating headcolds, flu, migraine headaches, everything except for menstrual cramps.

He calls himself a real life Peter Pan. His estate is even named Neverland.
Somehow, I can't imagine Peter Pan being into hard-core Internet porn, video tapes and magazines.
I can't see Peter Pan paying out more than $20 million in settlement money to various kids in the past to avoid prosecution for sexual abuse of a minor.
I can't see Peter Pan passing out soda cans filled with wine, or walking around in front of young boys while he's in the nude, sporting a full erection.

Let's face it, folks, this guy is not only warped and living in a $750 millionaire's fantasy world, he's also a pedophile who needs either some long-term, in-house psychiatric treatment or a prison sentence.
I don't care how great his earlier music was.
I don't care that seeing him do the moonwalk on TV was one of the coolest things I've ever seen.
I don't care that his fans consider him a 10-year-old locked in a 46-year-old man's body.

When 10-year-olds fool with each others' genitalia, it's called childhood curiosity and it's a normal part of childhood.
When a grown man does it with a kid, it's called pedophilia, it's a felony and the perp needs to be prosecuted, convicted and sentenced.

Jackson shouldn't worry if he's found guilty. If he really is Peter Pan, he can just fly, fly away from his prison cell.
If he's not, then he's gonna hate being on the receiving end of the same kind of "love" he gave his young victims.

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