Monday, March 14, 2005

The Contender and The L Word

I am totally hooked on The Contender, especially after last night's grudge match between the cocky Lebanese pretty boy and the guy who had to face his fears and fight him. You can guess who won.
As for The L Word, I was pretty creeped out that Shane and Jenny would allow a straight guy to rent out the garage apartment in the back, but then I stopped to think how a straight guy who was in art school studying video used to live in the studio behind my lover and me back in my Venice Beach days.
We used to party with him all the time, until one day he thought he'd let himself in our back door, come up the stairs and visit us in our bedroom. We politely threw him out and he politely left, but the friendship was diminished in the process.
Anyway, I hope this storyline comes and goes pretty fast- it makes me uncomfortable to think of cameras being hidden in their bedrooms.
Would someone please fix Shane's hair? She looks like one of those hairless Chihuahuas who always wins the Ugliest Dog contest because of a few stray strands sticking out all over its head.
Tina's lawyer went from hot to creepy when she tried to put the moves on Tina and didn't pick up on the "get the fuck away from me" vibes fast enough. Plus, the lawyer dresses kinda like my dad and that was not exactly a turn on, either.
And Bette, so downtrodden and forlorn over losing Tina, she had to find solace in the thighs of some hot babe she picked up in a NYC lesbian bar. What a depressing whore.
And Dana kissing Alice at the amusement park? Sure.
You know when the highlight of the show was Jenny getting a haircut, this was not the best episode of the series. Still, hope springs eternal.
What were your takes on this episode?

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