Monday, March 07, 2005

How It Went Last Night

Last night went pretty damn well overall, if I do say so myself.
We managed to raise more than $1,000 for the candidate, so that made me feel great since I was the only act of the night.
The evening was filled with lots of good and a little not so good...
There was no stage, just a cavernous, mirror-surrounded dance floor with several 2-foot square, floor-to-ceiling posts that conveniently obstructed the view for many. That was not so good.
The microphone was wireless, which was good. When I walked around with it, however, it made sputtering and popping noises or gave shrill feedback, which was not so good.
The had a sensational spotlight, which was good, except it was mounted on a wall not the ceiling, so when they aimed it at me, the sideways light was totally, utterly blinding, which was not so good. I simply refused to stand there with the glare in my eyes, which was good for me, but not so good for the audience.
The crowd was great and numbered well over 100, which was good. They were spread all over the bar, some a good 150 feet from the "stage," which was not so good because it felt like I was playing to a far smaller group than I was.
In the audience were some truly babeolicious women, which was great. Also in attendance were at least half a dozen women with whom I'd had previous carnal knowledge, so that was very flattering that they still like me at least enough to plunk down ten bucks to hear me yammer.
The few people I absolutely did not want to see there did not show up. A public thanks goes out to both of them for the courtesy.
I was quite tense once I got there, so I downed a double shot of tequila, which helped so much I was loose enough to politely accept the low dose Valium a friend offered me, which I popped at once- shortly before the show began.
While I didn't collapse on stage, I may have loosened up a tad too much.
Having gotten as loose as possible, but still maintaining the basic ability to function, I did find myself having to refer to my 3x5 card outline a tad too often, and in the darkish light I fear I lingered longer than I should have in scanning the card for the next segment.
It's the curse of the freshman comic- I made a note to myself to improve on that immediately.
I got a lot of laughs, some hearty guffaws, a smattering of applause after some of the lines, many back pats and several drink offers afterwards.
All in all, it was a pretty amazing evening.
Thanks again to my Bloggy friends who helped push me forward. You were often just as helpful as my real-time friends in getting me up for the event, and for that I am grateful.

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