Monday, April 27, 2009

Bye Bye, Pontiac

Sad to see General Motors has decided to discontinue making Pontiacs. Like Oldsmobiles, they can no longer make money off them, so down they go.
Remember the GTO?
What a cool muscle car that was back in the 60's.
And those Grand Prix Pontiacs back in the 70's were gorgeous, fast beasts.
But somewhere along the way, Pontiac forgot to make cars that would make people envious.
My pal D-Guz over at And Other Dreams (listed to the right)drives a Pontiac G6 that she loves. She told me it's a good car with a lot of doodads on it that she enjoys.
Pontiac should have taken a page from Ford's book and resurrected the GTO like Ford did the Mustang. Instead of dumping their dulled-down GTO back in 2005, they should have updated the 60's model and offered it up as a muscle car like the Mustang.

Sorry, but when I think Pontiac now I think mini van that's in my way on the freeway.
Had Pontiac brought back the cool GTO, I could gladly tailgate one of them, and at least have a cool car to look at as I whizzed by.


Dusty said...

I drive the Pontiac Grand Am..and it's a damn good car. I bought it last year, its a couple of years old.

I had a GTO aka a would go over 120mph like it was nothing. ;)Don't ask how I know ok? LOL.

Lulu, the Dewey Dame said...

I don't know... Pontiacs have always seem so cheaply made. I had a friend who bought that really low-slung sporty model... she was getting in touch with her inner 17 year old boy, she said... left it running when she ran in to answer the phone and emerged half an hour later with the engine completely destroyed.

That and the fact that my brother insisted that his wife get a Sunbird have forever doomed the brand in my eyes.

Now let's ditch the goddam Hummer.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Whenever I see a Hummer on the road I make it a point to shoot the driver a dirty look.
A Hummer says, "I can waste all the goddamn gas I want because I think I'm special."
If I had a criminal mind I'd go out of my way to key them in parking lots.

Matty Boy said...

The Firebird was my favorite Sixties muscle car. I know it was pretty much a Camaro with a different grill, but I liked that grill.

John said...

Dusty's right. I had a 1966 GTO that would blow right past 120. Loved that car.