Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Same Sex Marriage: What's All the Hubbub?

With all kinds of states suddenly lining up to legalize same sex marriage, naturally the news media and punditry are all over the story.
On my beloved MSNBC, anchors have asked a couple of obligatory right-wing naysayers their take on it.
"Most people, according to polls, want their legislatures to preserve the sanctity of marriage and don't want to disturb the sanctity by weakening it..."
Say what?
How the fuck is "allowing" gays and lesbians to marry disturbing or weakening any straight couple's marriage?
With the straight divorce rate hovering around 50 percent, what sanctity are they talking about?
I Googled some argument essays against gay marriage and was astounded by the ignorance I discovered. Why are people who preach divisiveness and intolerance always the first ones to mention Jesus and what he would want? Who are they to tell others what Jesus would have to say?
Now that we're in an era where we're transcending post-Bush fascism, we've learned that most legislation that deals with "morality" has to do with money.
Though queers pay taxes equal to straights, the naysayers gasp about the financial implications of married gay couples getting Social Security survivors' benefits, not to mention the economic horrors of corporate America having to include gay partners on company health insurance plans.
If these reactionaries would agree to cut gay and lesbian taxes commensurate to our reduced rights, that would be worth considering for many.
But please don't hand me any lines about religious prohibitions.
If God made us all, and some of us turned out gay, then who are we to question God's divine decision-making abilities? If gay sex is so sinful, why do I scream, "Oh God" so much when I'm having it?
For the record, I live in Texas, which will probably be among the last states to legalize same-sex marriage. Furthermore, the idea of marrying anyone holds no appeal to me.
But if an adult, taxpaying American wants to marry someone of the same sex, what's it to ya?
Back in the 50's, these same type of religious fanatic conservatives rallied against interracial marriage. Eventually, their objections were unmasked as racist and ridiculous, and laws were changed. America looks back on that era with embarrassment, as well they should.
Our time is coming.
We deserve the same crappy wedding cake and The Chicken Dance and YMCA played by a lousy disk jockey at our weddings.
We deserve the same Cuisinarts, china place settings and candy dish wedding gifts as straight people.
Listen. When Iowa legalizes same sex marriage, the rest of the country needs to wake the hell up.
The Bush era of neo-conservatives and religious wingnuts dictating their values to everyone and expecting obeyance are over.
Enough already!


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Best thing you have ever written: 'If gay sex is so sinful, why do I scream, "Oh God" so much when I'm having it?'

Lulu Maude said...

We're delighted, here in the Green Mountain State.

Marriage is so much more than sex.

We don't want all the crap you mentioned in your post, but we do want the same legal protections that married couples have.

When the speaker of the Vt House announced the successful vote yesterday, he was in tears.

And he wasn't even gay.

It's a civil rights issue, and he was fully aware of the historical nature of what just had happened.

dguzman said...

When people stop trying to legislate morality, laws will be more fair, not to mention far easier to enforce. Marriage is not my issue-du-jour either, but I'd never try to tell others that they could or couldn't get married, and especially not when based on sexual orientation. Who the fuck cares? These anti-gay-marriage people need to focus on the REAL issues we're facing instead of wasting time and dollars on this crap.

nonnie9999 said...

poor little rethugs. once gay marriage is just as boring a subject as marriage for everyone else, all they'll have left is abortion and guns as their talking points. seeing as most of the rethugs are walking arguments for abortions, all they have is guns. with the recent spate of horrible tragedies, i don't think they'll inspire anyone to join them in the near future.

by the way, this is the funniest ymca pic evah!

karenzipdrive said...

I'm afraid it might take a couple of GOP legislators or their family members getting shot dead by a nut with a gun for them to connect the dots.
Unfortunately, most gun nuts would be more likely to come after our side, since delusional, paranoid thinking is so often part of that crowd's psychopathology.
Obama has never said shit about confiscating weapons, but people like Glenn Beck are really frothing up the dimwit gun folks with his lies.

Matty Boy said...

You're sure Xena and Gabby were gay? Boy, I totally missed that when I watched the show.

I always thought Gabby and Joxur were going to hook up.


Karen Zipdrive said...

Oy vey, Matty Boy, I hope you're kidding. If not, you might want to go in and have your gaydar checked.

Lisa said...

And they think with our current financial meltdown that they can reignite the culture wars?


Him: Honey, I'm hungry! We need to get some money so we can buy some food.

Her (note, it's not another him): Sweetheart, I know you're hungry and we need jobs so we can buy some food, but I think we really need to worry about them queers down the road who just got married. They're the problem!

Uh huh. I'm thinking no. Just no.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Good one, Lisa.
I think the GOP thinks they can reignite this tired old issue and regain some lost ground.
Only the religious fanatic extreme right cares about it, but then they hate everything.

Bottom line, if you're against gay marriage, don't marry a queer.
See? Easy as pie.

Fran said...

The legal rights of actual marriage (like Lulu sez) & the civil right/equal rights is the heart of the matter.
I just wish it was not this piecemeal state by state thing... Oregon had this on aging off again long drawn out legal battle, that ended in a civil union....
watered down excuse of a pseudo marriage.

BTW- Obama did say sumpthin' about guns.
Last year one neighborhood in Chicago had enough high school aged teens killed by gunfire-- enough to fill a whole classroom (30 kids).... he was saying kids should not be dying & there needed to be some kinds of restrictions.

The rethugs are not *shocked* about large quantities of inner city kids dying, just about someone even thinking about restricting guns.
Thing is now a lot of people are snapping w guns in hoods on the other side of the tracks.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Maybe we should take up a collection and start innundating white suburban teens with guns and ammo.
That might make them notice that gunz is no good.

Distributorcap said...

i want someone to show me the statistics on how many couples sue for divorce claiming "gay marriage - the neighbors you know"