Friday, April 17, 2009

Texas Governor Rick Perry: Fuck Off, You Jerk.

Just as we Texans have Bush all hidden out at his honky chateau in Dallas, here comes that idiot teabagging Rick Perry making an ass of himself on national TV.
He thinks the Texas Constitution allows for us to secede from the United States, so he said he's considering it.
Nobody asked any of us Texans about that crummy idea.
Can't these rightwing extremists see how transparent they are being?
All this teabagging and threats to take our balls and go home are just thinly veiled protests about us having a Black president.
Did anyone read any of the signs those tens of dozens of teabaggers throughout the nation carried during their protests?
They hate Obama.
They may not be able to spell, but their hatred shone through.

Rick Perry can kiss my liberal, Democratic, Texan ass.
He's just one of the many redneck wingnuts who are fomenting hatred against the administration of our Black president because he just can't handle it.
I'll tell you what.
These conservative rightwing lunatics need to evolve, before someone gets hurt.
There are too many rightwing nuts with guns out there--let's not stir those imbeciles up, okay?
Rick Perry, you've had your do-nothing job for ages now. You've stood for nothing and you've accomplished nothing. Now that you're planning another run, your secession idea appeals only to Texans too stupid to read a ballot and vote.
Time for you to find a real job and get the hell out of Austin.
There's a reason some crazy arsonist burnt the Governor's Mansion. He was trying to get rid of the vermin, dude.


Lulu Maude said...

Flogging stuff on the Home Shopping Network seems to be right for Rick.

bigsis said...

Now you know why I'm backing Kaye Baby Hutchinson. As bad as she is, she doesn't come close to being as god-awful as old closeted Rick Perry. I think the look on his wife's face says it all. A formerly strong woman, she nowlooks like she hits the bottle and cries herself to sleep every night.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Your governor is indeed a dickhead.

Anonymous said...

If he doesn't chill he's about to restore some default dignity to the governors mansion in Juneau AK. Nobody needs to go making that chick look relevant, plausible or sane. STFU Dick.

Karen Zipdrive said...

According to a Rasmussen poll, 75% of Texans think his succession idea is ridiculous.
For almost 10 years, we've managed to keep Rick the Dick Perry under wraps. I wish he'd shut his stupid mouth now and stop embarrassing Texas. We had enough of that with that idiot Bush.
I am no fan of Kay Bitchy Hutchison, but compared to this asshole, she's a statesman.
Besides, if she gets elected as governor, that gets her skanky ass out of the Senate.

bigsis said...

Perry is the Texas Republican Party personified. He totally represents wing nuts, of which Texas is loaded. Not enough sense to realize if his crazy cessation plan worked out he'd lose his beloved national guard, military bases and that yummy federal money he loves to put into Texas highways.

Today the Texas legislature, against Perry's wishes, voted to accept federal money to continue unemployment benefits. Let's sit back and see if the stupid son of a bitch tries to veto that legislation. This is going to be very entertaining.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I love how these a-hole GOP governors have all yapped about rejecting federal bailout money, knowing their legislatures would step over them and accept the money anyway.
It's like seeing a chihuahua barking at a passing doggie, knowing he's got his pit bull pal standing right behind him.
I think Prick Perry just got tired of seeing other GOP governors like Jindal, Palin and Pawlenty getting all the ink for their nitwit ideas, so he found a way to top them.
Can you imagine being at a GOP governor's convention? I'll bet it's like a bunch of drag queens fighting over one small bathroom mirror.

nonnie9999 said...

please stay safe. we don't want you hit by any stray bullets as perry continues to shoot himself in the foot. i think he's buckin' to be princess sarah's running mate in 2012.

by the way, i've always wondered something about kay bitchy h. why were she and her husband allowed to adopt babies when she was 58 years old and he was almost 70? the rethugs argue that gays shouldn't be allowed to adopt, because it isn't 'natural'. can someone tell me what's natural about a 58- and a 70-year-old having babies? consider, too, that she spends her time in dc. when does she ever see the kids? that means that her old fart husband is the one who is in charge of them most of the time. the old bastard would have a heart attack running after the little ones. i bet they have nannies who really take care of the kids, and they just bring them out for photo ops.

p.s. i have a rick perry poster going up in about and hour and a half.

Fran said...

So Karen~ Just to recap-- You don't like the Guvnah & his crazy ass succession idea?

Are you sure- because you could be the next Princess of Texasanistan???

Perry total jerk topic aside.... Oooh those are pretty flowers! A pic you took?

dguzman said...

You know, if it weren't for decent Texans like you and BigSis and Freida B, etc., I'd tell pRick to hurry up and secede and just SEE what happens. Talk about an idiotic move.