Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Zipdrive Mushatorial

God, I love my friends.
I used to be quite the social butterfly, going out all the damn time to see and be seen.
Back then, popularity really mattered to me. Now, I couldn't care less.
Being more of a hermit satisfies me now. I like my own company in my own little cocoon. I can go for days without seeing anyone.
My birthday is looming at the end of the month, and I realize at this time of year how grateful I am for my friends who've stepped forward and reached out to me.
My BigSis, whom you all know from the comments section, is probably my best friend.
She and her partner MySharona took it upon themselves to throw me a birthday party in Austin next weekend, and they've been buzzing around like crickets on meth with catering menus and plans to ensure a good time.
My pal Katie is flying out from San Diego to take me to dinner at the Tip Top Cafe on Thursday, the actual night of my birthday. Then we'll come back to my pad to watch Survivor. What bliss.
Tomorrow night, I'll be going to dinner with MiddleSis and her partner Big T. MiddleSis is sort of the Mother Teresa of the family, yet she tolerates me quite well for some reason.
Last night, my cousin from NYC was in town and a bunch of us went out for burgers and conversation. She and her sister, my other cousin, gave me a mess of lottery tickets that were worth $12! Along with them were their adult kids and their partners. Being with them all made me feel cozy and warm.

Recently, I decided to resurrect my efforts at writing a novel.
Though I am a professional journalist, I am by no means a creative writer so I sent out the first chapter to a handful of real-time and Internet friends for their critique.
Bless their hearts. Some gave me a lot of strokes and encouragement, while others really laid it on the line with suggestions on how I could improve my wobbly first attempt.
What I learned most was, it's great to have friends out there whom I can trust.
At my age, I've finally culled out a lot of rainy day friends and kept the ones I truly love.
I may not be on the phone with most of them--even on a monthly basis--but they know I care and I know they care.
If you watch the video of Bette Midler, you'll see former Harlottes Melissa Manchester and Katie Sagal. Though it had been ages since they performed behind Bette and they had their own successful careers by the time they appeared on this clip, they showed up to support their old friend.
My friends would do that for me, and they know I'd do that for them.
And in the end, that's what really matters in life--loving and being loved in return.


nonnie9999 said...

i hope your bday is wonderful. your friends are good to you, because you are so good to your friends.

the things i learn on the internets! i had no idea melissa and katey were bette's backup singers way back when. in fact, i never knew katey was a singer. i saw melissa in concert about a thousand years ago. her voice is just as luscious and velvety in person as it is out of a studio.

bigsis said...

Zip, you've just plain mellowed and finally really love your self, and I have to say its a pleasure being around you. In fact, when I retire next year you may be the person I pester, I mean hang out with, the most.
Ya know, this getting old thing does have its rewards. We don't have to allow our egos to suppress our essences. After years of extremely boring and needless meetings at work, I can just get up and walk out when I feel like it and no one asks why. Mainly because the last time anyone asked why I was leaving I said "because this meeting is sapping my will to live."

Lulu Maude said...

Once a Harlette, always a Harlette.

Happy birthday, my longtime pal.

Dusty said...

Have a very Happy time celebrating your time here on Planet Earth KZ.

You are one of the best humans I have ever known..and that is a very short list btw. ;)

Karen Zipdrive said...


Karen Zipdrive said...

Speaking of Melissa Manchester, watch her clapping along to the music. She claps to the downbeat, which is something that's always puzzled me. My late husband was a musician who danced to the downbeat and when we'd dance I'd always wonder what the hell he was hearing.

Fran said...

Sweet! Good times will be had by all. Plus you quit the funky job, so you've got even more to celebrate-
Woo Hoo!

Distributorcap said...

what is a birthday.. i dont have them anymore...

bette is still the best......

i saw your notice to cease and desist on reading, just as i was about to

Gary F. said...

Happy Birthday!